From Kiddie Show To Horror Flick, “Banana Splits” Reboot Is Bananas


When a remake/reboot is announced, we pretty much know what to expect. The production values and/or special effects will be better. An “A” or “B” list star might be attached. An old storyline will get dusted off and tweaked for greater mass appeal. All the familiar tropes we loved will be amplified. That is exactly…

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Out, Loud And Proud: Gay Lions Do It, Then Share PDA

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Heavens to Betsy! As the homophobic beasts in Kenya’s government banned a Disney TV show, Andi Mack, because of a young gay character, two graceful male lions made their roars of disapproval heard by enjoying some serious PDA – the “A” in this case standing for affection, arousal and anal. Tour guide Paul Goldstein captured…

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