‘Hedwig’ Director Returns With Punks, Aliens, Nicole Kidman

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Over the course of his directing career, John Cameron Mitchell has demonstrated interest in, at various points: complex humanity, punk rock, and writhing sex parties. Naturally, his latest film combines all of three of those things — plus aliens and Nicole Kidman. In How to Talk to Girls at Parties, three British punkers in the…

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Revisiting Julius’, Site Of Pre-Stonewall ‘Sip-In’


The oldest gay bar in New York City, Julius’, is also the site of a groundbreaking “Sip-in” protest in 1966 that succeeded in ending the law banning gays from bars, three years before Stonewall. Dick Leitsch was one of three gay men who bravely staged the “Sip-in.” He met with NBC Out recently at the…

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