Stonewall Wasn’t The First Stonewall


If LGBTQ+ history were like Christian history, the Stonewall Uprising would be 0 AD. Everything began there. Everything happened because of it. Every twink, every Pride blackout, every video of a gay porn star launching his butthole at you for the Running Butthole Challenge …  It’s all possible because of Stonewall. Or so we’ve been…

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Gay Activist, Archivist Dick Leitsch Shares Sassy Slang


“Because I’m dying, everybody thinks I’m interesting,” Dick Leitsch told his visitor David Kortava of The New Yorker. Leitsch, now in his 80s, had at one time been president of the early gay-rights organization the Mattachine Society, within which he spearheaded campaigns to “end police entrapment and discrimination by local bars.” Leitsch was famously photographed…

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Revisiting Julius’, Site Of Pre-Stonewall ‘Sip-In’


The oldest gay bar in New York City, Julius’, is also the site of a groundbreaking “Sip-in” protest in 1966 that succeeded in ending the law banning gays from bars, three years before Stonewall. Dick Leitsch was one of three gay men who bravely staged the “Sip-in.” He met with NBC Out recently at the…

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