Kardashian, Trump White House Reality TV Star Summit Yields Zero Results


Earlier this week, the Oval Office became the site of a Mensa meeting in which some of the world’s biggest problems were swiftly and definitively solved forever. J/k, it was a meeting between Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump. KK and DT have a lot in common: They’re both reality stars, they’re both attention-seeking narcissists, and…

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Madonna Parties With Kim K, Cardi B, Homophobe

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The Material Girl/Woman/Lady threw a kray post-Oscars bash Sunday, where rapper Cardi B performed a short set before posing with Madge and Kim Kardashian-West in a photo booth sesh. Afterwards, KK tweeted out, “Looking forward to the collaboration, ladies.” Taking into consideration Kim K’s verrrrrry limited talents, we’re going to assume her role in all…

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Amanda Lepore Teases Affair With Famous Rapper


In her memoir/coffee table book, Doll Parts, trans nightlife icon Amanda Lepore described her affair with an unnamed rapper who later found love with someone featuring a similar hourglass-shaped body. The rumor mill has hit full-tilt, most supposing the lover to be Kanye West. According to a recent New York Times article, “Ms. Lepore describes…

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Actor/Rapper Milan Christopher Loses His Clothes, But Will He Find An Audience?


Rapper, actor, homosexual and now, attention whore seeking a “break the Internet moment,” Love & Hip Hop Hollywood co-star Milan Christopher lost his unmentionables to smash stereotypes about male sexuality, celebrity, musicians, something else, yadda-yadda. “I wanted to be judged on my hard-earned bubble butt, my I-stopped-enjoying-life six-pack, the ebony shade of my shaft rather than just…

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