Kathy Griffin Attacks ‘Feckless Complicit Piece Of Sh**’ Melania Trump

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The legendary Griffin has risen again. Smelling the presence of new, vulnerable prey, The Griffin ascended from the fire pit of her Bel Air mansion yesterday and plunged her talons into … her iPhone … to emit a terrifying string of attacks … on Twitter … to finally and definitively rip apart … Melania Trump….

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Barack Obama’s Official Portrait Artist is Talented and Queer AF


After every President finishes his (or her) term, they are expected to sit for an official portrait that will eventually be displayed in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. While past Presidents have opted for staid, conservative portraitists, Barack Obama has chosen an openly queer artist who specializes in realistic depictions of black subjects. Nigerian-American painter…

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Size Queen Trump Tours Flood Ravaged Texas, Praises Crowd Numbers

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We’ve known for months that Trump is obsessed with size. Penis size. Border wall size. Crowd size. Maybe it’s overcompensation for his baby-sized hands. He’s been ridiculed for that since Spy Magazine reigned in the ‘80s, where he was routinely referred to as, “a short-fingered vulgarian.” While touring the flood ravaged Gulf Coast of Texas,…

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Trump Announces New Kennedy Center Honors Recipients

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In a stunning reversal of an earlier reversal, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have decided they WILL attend the Kennedy Center Honors this December, but they’ve scrapped the initial honorees, in favor of new ones more supportive of the current Administration. The Trumps had issued a statement early Saturday saying they would…

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Will & Grace & Karen & Jack & Michelle, But No Rosario

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To hell with Winter. Fall is coming. It’s when we decide what to wear and where we’re going to watch the hotly anticipated return of classic TV comedy Will & Grace. If rumors are true, we are in for one goddess of a co-star, the regal Madame First Lady Mrs. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama. Yes,…

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Is Self-Loathing Behind Dolce And Gabbana’s Decision To Dress Melania?


After reading about all the completely tone-deaf things that Dolce & Gabbana have done recently, such as opposing in vitro fertilization and adoption for same-sex parents, mammy earrings, shoes that pretty much endorse eating disorders, and naming these absolutely fabulous sandals “slave sandals,” one can imagine that their day begins with them sliding out of their…

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