Zsa Zsa Gabor’s ‘Prince’ Reveals His Hustler Past

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Once upon a time there was a royal marriage made in what would eventually be TMZ heaven. Hans Robert Lichtenberg, born in 1943 into humble beginnings in Germany, transformed himself in the most conniving way—he deserves the grifter crown of Hollywood—as Prince Frederic von Anhalt. Anhalt became known to the tabloid world as the last…

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Flagrant Flashback: Monti Rock III AKA Disco Tex


Decades ago, an openly gay man appeared on the late night talk show circuit, titillating audiences with his flamboyant lifestyle. No, it wasn’t Richard Simmons. It was celebrity hairdresser/dance-pop dervish Monti Rock, aka Sir Monti Rock III, aka Disco Tex. A frequent guest of Johnny and Merv, Rock (real name Joseph Montanez, Jr.) was born…

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