Rape Accusations Mount Against Gay Porn Star Topher DiMaggio


Last week gay adult film performer Tegan Zayne alleged that fellow performer Topher DiMaggio raped him the night before filming a scheduled scene at Cockyboys studio. The alleged incident took place over two years ago when the two actors were within the same lodging. Zayne claims DiMaggio pressured him for sex, eventually forcing specific sex…

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Gillibrand Calls For Trump’s Resignation, He Responds With Sexually Suggestive Tweet


On Monday, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (NY-D) told CNN Donald J. Trump (Repulsive) should resign because of at least 19 allegations against him of sexual assault. A wide range of women have come forward since the 2016 election season, and in October 2016 the notorious Access Hollywood video (“grab ’em by the pussy”) surfaced. All of…

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