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Michelle Obama 4 Prez: Former FLOTUS Encouraged To Run


We at Flagrant would be happy with several of the current Democratic contenders going head-to-head against He Who Shall Not Be Named in the 2020 Presidential election. But we’ve always held out hope that someone beloved by a vast majority of Americans would throw caution to the wind and announce their candidacy. Tom Hanks, absolutely….

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Gilda, Colette, Joan Jett And Much More: Your Flagrant September Movie Preview


Hey y’all, it’s Sapphic September! Get ready for a month of life, love, ladies, and ladies lovin’ ladies, ‘cuz a parade of woman-powered films are coming your way. (And if they’re not about lady-loving, then they have Tiffany Haddish in them.) There are many reasons to patronize your local multiplex this month!   The Nun…

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Obama, CEOs and Celebs Slam Trump’s ‘Cruel’ DACA Decision

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Former President Obama took to Facebook today to bash the Trump Administration’s decision to rescind the immigration order shielding children of undocumented immigrants from deportation, calling the move “cruel” and “self-defeating.” “To target these young people is wrong — because they have done nothing wrong. It is self-defeating — because they want to start new…

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