Under A Big Top: Jackman, Efron Unite In ‘Greatest Showman’ Trailer


A new trailer for The Greatest Showman, a new movie musical starring Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum, has Hugh doing all the things that Hugh loves: singing, twirling, stomping, and being within 20 feet of Zac Efron. Barnum, who is frequently credited as the “inventor” of show business, has a life that naturally fits into…

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Kevin Spacey Cut From Finished Film, Replaced By Christopher Plummer


Director Ridley Scott has announced that all the money in the world will not keep Kevin Spacey in his upcoming new film, All The Money in the World. Scott and Sony Pictures, in consensus with the entire cast and crew, will reshoot all of Spacey’s scenes with Christopher Plummer replacing the disgraced actor. Plummer, who…

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As If! MTV Launches ’90’s House,’ A Retro-Themed Game Show

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It’s Big Brother meets BBC’s Victorian Slum House meets Saved by the Bell meets The Real World. It’s MTV’s latest stab at cultural relevance, 90’s House. Here’s the premise: twelve Millennial housemates will be deprived of their everyday gear and gadgets (skinny jeans, soy lattes, cell phones, laptops, etc) and will stay in a ‘90s-inspired…

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Todd Haynes Wonderstruck To Be Centerpiece of NY Film Festival


Organizers of the New York Film Festival have chosen Todd Haynes’ latest work, Wonderstruck, as the Centerpiece selection for this year’s fest. The film garnered solid reviews and Oscar talk when it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Amazon Studios produced the film, adapted from Brian Selznick’s 2011 YA novel of the same…

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