Palm Springs Elects 100% LGBTQ Council


Anti-Trump folks had a breath of fresh oxygen after Tuesday’s election night, with Democrats dominating the wins and some historical LGBTQ victories throughout the nation. The city of Palm Springs, too, had a contest, with voters electing Lisa Middleton, a transgender woman, and Christy Holstege, a millennial woman identifying as bisexual. The existing city council…

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Does Liberace’s Ghost Haunt His Old Mansion?


Schmaltzy piano virtuoso Liberace was a big deal to Las Vegas. The flamboyant performer also known as Mr. Showmanship was a great match for the neon mecca of Sin City. Like other frequent Vegas performers, Liberace created a home base there, combining two smaller homes to form a mansion-like compound in the mid-1970s, filling it…

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