Defying Trump Order, Pentagon Says Trans Can Enlist In Military


Shocker: President Trump’s impulsive, unsubstantiated July tweet about banning transgender people from the military, which he didn’t run by any of his top advisors, has been rendered ineffective. The Pentagon announced Monday that it will resume recruiting transgender individuals into the military starting in January. When Draft-Dodger-In-Chief eventually issued a formal order in August halting…

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Defying Trump, Pentagon Pays For Trans Soldier’s Surgery

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Despite Trumpcardiac’s tweetlings in August about the “disruption that transgender in the military” would cause, earlier this week the Department of Defense paid for gender-affirming surgery for a transgender active-duty infantry soldier. The service member previously fought in Afghanistan, and the procedure was approved by Vice Admiral Raquel Bono of the Defense Health Agency. “Because…

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