Harry And Meghan Royal Wedding Merch Is Bonkers

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Democracy is crumbling and the United States has burnt through its last remaining bridges across the world, but let’s talk about the royal wedding. Whether you’ve wanted to or not, you’ve probably seen a ton of headlines about the wedding this week. But forget all that drama about Meghan Markle’s wedding party or how her…

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In Lieu Of Gifts: Royal Couple Ask For Donations To Homeless, HIV, Other Charities

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Half the world is jealous of her and the other half is figuring out how to Single White Female their way into her life — so what’s a royal princess to do with all that attention? One-up the haters, obvi. As critics across the land continue to waste their money on Cheetos and Adderall for…

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Interviewed By Prince Harry, Obama Expertly Shades Trump


Obama and Prince Harry have unveiled a bromantic interview they recorded a couple months ago, and it’s basically a combo of Trump shade and aggressive avoidance of major conversation topics. In the interview for BBC Radio 4’s Today, Obama and Harry start out things by avoiding Obama’s real feelings about Trump’s inauguration. When Harry asks…

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Cleric Urges Faithful To Bless Prince George With ‘Fine Young Gentleman’

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Comments from the Very Reverend Kelvin Holdsworth have created something of a sticky wicket within the Church of England. In a blog post on Thursday, the notable gay rights advocate encouraged Anglican Communion adherents to “pray in the privacy of their hearts (or in public if they dare) for the Lord to bless Prince George…

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