Rachel Maddow Breaks Down While Reporting “Tender Age Shelters”

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Are you listening, Laura Ingraham? This is how a real human, and not a robot imitating the cadences of a human, reads a news story about what’s happening at the border right now: When MSNBC host Rachel Maddow tried to read a breaking news story about “tender age shelters,” where immigrant babies and young children…

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Civic-Minded Celebs Lash Out At Trump’s Inadequate Response To Charlottesville


When President Trump offered his initial statement about the tragedy that occurred during a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia which left three dead last weekend, many people felt it was weak, to use one of 45’s favorite words, particularly because he said there were “many sides” to blame. A few days later Trump read…

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Maddow Places Attorney General On Resignation Watch After Trump Tantrum


Rachel Maddow has placed Attorney General Jeff Sessions on “resignation watch” after President Trump stated to the The New York Times that he wouldn’t have hired him [Session] if he knew he was going to recuse himself from the Russian investigation. Before the run-up to the election, during early campaigning for the Republican nomination,  Sessions…

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