‘Roseanne’ Cancelled After Barr’s Racist Twitter Vomit


Roseanne Barr has done a lot in the name of “political correctness” in recent years — advocate for Trump, mock “libtards,” dub intersectionality a “degenerate” philosophy — but now she’s just gone full racist. And now her reboot has been cancelled. Here’s the tea: In response to a post about former Barack Obama adviser (and…

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Defending Her Trump Love, Roseanne Tells Kimmel To ‘Zip That F###in Lip’

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Roseanne Barr? More like Grosseanne Barf! (Sorry. In the spirit of the #MarchForOurLives going on today, we’ve decided to use only high school-level insults.) Anyway, we’re heated because Barr went on noted progressive Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show and disingenuously played down her past support of President Trump. When Kimmel reminded Roseanne that she had…

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