Will Roseanne’s Trump Love Sink Reboot?

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When Roseanne Barr first learned that her eponymous sitcom would be renewed in the wake of the 2016 election, she reportedly said, “As soon as I saw the election results, I knew we’d be back.” Earlier this week, Roseanne confirmed she not only voted for Trump, but she praised his financial acumen, while ranting about…

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‘Roseanne’ Revival Incurs Wrath Of Hysterical Harpies


The Roseanne revival is getting some free publicity as anti-LGBTQ hatemongers One Million Moms is calling for a boycott of the series after it was revealed that the Conner family will include a “gender creative” child. ABC announced that one of the new characters on the show will be Mark, the eight-year old son of…

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Roseanne Reboot Will Feature A Gender Creative Child


When Roseanne aired on ABC between 1988-97, it was often hailed for its groundbreaking story lines, characters and water cooler moments (remember Roseanne’s kiss with Mariel Hemingway?). Now that the network is rebooting the sitcom, there’s no reason to change a formula that worked. Showbiz411 reports that among the new characters that will be added are…

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