Pussy-Grabber-In-Chief Trolls Al Franken: Silent On Roy Moore, Himself

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In a truly Frankensteinian display Thursday night, President Trump managed to combine stray, repulsive bits of anti-Semitism, cronyism, anti-SNL sentiment, and extreme hypocrisy into a grotesque monstrosity of a tweet about Senator Al Franken. After a woman earlier this week accused Franken of groping and kissing her without her consent, Trump tweeted, “The Al Frankenstien…

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Asian Diplomacy Tour Ends With Trump Twitter Tantrum

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As planned and hoped for by White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, Trump trudged through his “official” visit to Asia these past several days with restraint and perhaps a guise of decorum. Throughout some notably measured speeches, Trump sufficiently recited from teleprompters the theme that he would be putting America first (we know…

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