7 Films You Need To See In January

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It’s almost January, which means there will be a whole new batch of queer and queer-adjacent movies for you to watch when you’re not breaking every single one of your New Year’s resolutions. In addition to the luminous bunch of LGBTQ films slated to debut at the 2018 Sundance Festival, which runs January 18 –…

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Breakout Star Luka Kain Welcomes You To ‘Saturday Church’


“It’s a human story about a teenager who’s confused, just like every other teenager in the world.” That’s is how Luka Kain describes Saturday Church, during an interview with Another Man. The film—slated for January 2018 wide release—stars the 17-year-old Kain, and he is getting rave reviews, already winning the Best Actor award at Outfest….

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