That Don’t Impress Us Much: Shania Twain Apologizes For Trump Support

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Remember when Shania Twain sang, “I ain’t gonna act politically correct / I only want to have a good time,” and we were all like “OMG so fun, you do you Shania?” We should not have enabled her. Just days after appearing as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Shania Twain took whatever goodwill…

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‘RPDR’ Season 10, Episode 5: ‘Bossy Rossy’ Bottoms, Tops

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“Okay, so you’re the Chocolate Judd. That don’t impress me much.” … is what Shania Twain would have said to Mayhem Miller last night, had she spoken more than eleven words. But unfortunately, the Best Selling Female Country Singer of All Time was largely silent in this week’s episode, much like her strong and silent…

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