‘Charmed’ Reboot To Feature Lesbian Lead


Charmed has figured out a way to improve other than just saying “bye bitch” to Shannon Doherty. The CW’s upcoming reboot of the popular ‘90s show is reportedly set to include a queer woman as one of its three main characters — a welcome departure from the series’ heteronormative original run. Mel Pruitt, a “strong-willed…

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Queer ‘Heathers’ Reboot Is Coming For You In 2018

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Can’t figure out how to reconcile your love of the past with the in-your-face homogeneity of 1980’s casting tendencies? The Paramount Network (formerly known as  SpikeTV) has an answer for you in the form of a thrashing reboot of the 1988 cult classic Heathers. In this reboot, the mostly white, cis-female cast has been updated…

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