Thoroughly Maligned Millie: Trolls Force ‘Stranger Things’ Star Off Twitter


Every morning, attention-seeking queer men and women log onto the social networking platform known as Twitter and comment on the day’s events in an attempt to amass likes and retweets. Sometimes their commentary is trenchant and successful; other times it is annoying and loser-y. Either way, the end result is the same: Their ego, like…

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SMH: ‘Stranger Things’ Inspires Demagorgon Sex Toy


Stranger things have definitely not happened than the recent revelation that the child-heavy show Stranger Things will now be getting its own line of dildos. Earlier in October, a company named Bad Dragon announced in a six minute ‘80s-style video that it will be producing a new sex toy line called “Stranger Dongs.” Oh, and…

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San Diego Comic-Con Embraces LGBTQ Diversity


Will San Diego area hook-up apps explode with Wolverine, Black Panther, Thor, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Jon Snow cosplay pix this weekend? Over 100,000 die-hard fantasy, sci-fi and comic book fans are descending on the sunny SoCal city for the 47th annual Comic-Con. It promises to be another star-studded, panel-filled fest as Hollywood studios, comic…

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