Patriots Lose, Justin Timberlake Underwhelms, Commercials Rule Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl (a.k.a. the Straight Oscars) happened last night. The Philadelphia Eagles trounced the New England Patriots 41-33. We’re not sure who all those hunky bearded dudes were who kept interrupting the commercials to run around in tights and throw a ball around, but they were pretty entertaining, too. Like, if you played a…

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Timberlake’s Tat For Jackson’s Tit: #JusticeForJanet Catches On


O, 2004! Those days of patriotism and raging Republican conservatism seem long ago. We may look back at those days wistfully, given the current idiocracy. It was a cool January evening when Americans of all political stripes came together and watched Super Bowl XXXVIII. We were enraptured with Beyonce’s pre-game rendition of the national anthem,…

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