The Unhappiest Place On Earth: Disneyland Goth Day Endangered


Of course Trump is to blame. For 20 years, swarms of goths have been descending upon the Happiest Place on Earth for the delightfully macabre meet-up dubbed Bats Day in the Fun Park (in homage to the Batcave(?), the London nightclub that gave birth to goth subculture). Artificially pale humans dressed predominantly in black—as many…

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Get It, Ghoul. Thirteen Spooky Movies To Check Out On Netflix

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As the world continues to implode, the idea of staying in for Halloween — or even the entire month of October —  might seem pretty fucking great right now. In honor of Friday the 13th, we’ve picked thirteen Halloween-themed films available now on Netflix for you to watch as you try not to think about…

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