Flamin’ Hot Cheeto: Trump Twitter Meltdown Alerts Russia To Incoming ‘Nice, New, Smart’ Missiles


President Donald Trump started Wednesday morning like any adult baby – scared, confused, and lacking control over his own fingers. First, the 71-year-old loofah fired off a surprising tweet about Russia and Syria, vowing to send “smart” missiles at Syria and daring Russia to stop him. “Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice…

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Cher’s Holiday Collection: Fugly Sweaters, Fierce Swag


Hurry! Hurry! Cher’s new line of holiday swag and intentionally fugly Christmas sweaters is selling out fast! Vogue got Cher to take a break from her much-appreciated Trump Twitter takedowns and tell-all about her festive collection. The pop icon’s “chick crew,” as Cher’s fans call themselves are snatching up the frocks and ornaments. Some items…

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