Twitter Works To Resolve Blocked ‘Bisexual’ Searches


For every one good thing Twitter has done for our country, it has also helped Donald Trump get elected. Sure, a rogue Twitter employee helped silence the Dumpster for a beautiful eleven minutes last week, but Twitter also allowed Russian hackers to spread inflammatory fake scandals about liberals in the months leading up to the…

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Rogue Twitter Employee Deletes Trump Account, World Rejoices

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Joining the likes of American heroes like Abraham Lincoln, Norma Rae, and that JetBlue flight attendant who quit his job by sliding down the airplane’s evacuation chute, a rogue Twitter employee is now being hailed as our country’s lord and savior. The employee, who has not released her or his identity, deleted President Donald Trump’s…

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Pennywise And Babadook, Hollywood’s Newest Gay Couple


It’s been a few months since the Internet outed the Babadook as a Friend of Gaga, so naturally the Internet has now given him a boyfriend. It’s unclear whether the Babadook consciously coupled with his current squeeze on Grindr, Chappy, or through their mutual friend, the unstoppable cloud of mist from Mist, but he is apparently…

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Barbra, Bette, Cher Find New Common Ground: Disgust With Trump

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Barbra Streisand. Bette Midler. Cher. Sure, they’re all diva entertainers of a certain age but listing the specific qualities shared by these three gay faves would require an essay the length of an encyclopedia. Our favorite is easy, however. It’s the intense disgust they feel toward our current president, each in a distinct way similar…

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Believe It! Cher Is Heading To Broadway


Cher, currently a notable thorn-in-Trump’s-side-on-Twitter, will be the subject of what will probably be the most successful Broadway musical ever. Helmed by Jason Moore, director of Pitch Perfect as well as stage musical Avenue Q, the project is slated for Broadway in 2018. The book is by Rick Elice—who wrote for the stage The Addams…

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