TransNation Film Fest To Feature Eclectic Programming, Cult Faves


Even as AG/POS Jeff Sessions attempts to take down trans Americans because — well, it’s unclear why — there’s still enough general joy and togetherness within the trans community to make beautiful things like the TransNation Film Festival happen. Set for October 13 to October 15 at the Silent Movie Theater in West Hollywood (an…

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‘Transparent’ Season Four Is On A Quest For God


By Evan Lambert Season three of the Emmy-winning Amazon series Transparent ended with the show’s main characters all grappling with trauma of some kind. Josh (Jay Duplass) scattered the ashes of his former lover and Shelly (Judith Light) brought her family to tears with her music, just as Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) learned that she couldn’t…

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Vaping Out With Pride Cannabis Founders Buck Angel And Leon Mostovoy

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Interview by Marcus Kuiland-Nazario I first met Buck Angel in the early ‘80s, when he was a she and went by Laura, and was not yet a transgender porn star/porn director. Buck is even on my straight former Marine brother’s radar! I was introduced to Laura by my then boyfriend, Anthony Delgado, who has since…

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