Trump To Journalist Stahl: Attacks On The Press Attempt To ‘Discredit You All’


Attn: We’ve gone full Nineteen Eighty-Forty-Five.

According to CBS News journalist Lesley Stahl, Donald Trump once admitted to attacking the press in order to purposely discredit them.  

Reportedly, when Stahl asked Trump prior to the 2016 election why he criticized the press so aggressively, Trump responded, “You know why I do it? I do it to discredit you all, to demean you all so when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you.”

While this news is not shocking to anyone with at least two of the five senses, it’s still shocking to have confirmation that the “Leader of the Free World” is knowingly discrediting the free press and proudly gaslighting the American people. It’s also shocking, upon learning this, to realize that — for the 25% of the population who voted for Trump — this actually worked. It’s even more shocking to learn that Donald Trump can use the word “demean” in a sentence.

Plus, if you’re someone who has seen one of your otherwise liberal friends recently making unironic references to the “MSM” or “fake news,” then you’re probably realizing that Trump’s gaslighting has worked on even the most rational of Americans. Resist, for the love of Gaga, resist!!

Making matters worse is the recent revelation that Trump allegedly doesn’t actually write all of his own tweets, which suggests that there’s an entire team of people working to discredit the press via Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Lovely!

Oh, and a side-note about Trump’s tweets: The White House is also insisting that the grammatical errors, weird punctuation, and misspellings in Trump’s tweets are part of an overall “social media strategy.”  Which, of course, is absolute bullshit. Ok, so when we submitted final papers riddled with mistakes to our professors in college, it was called “failing Comp Lit,” but when the White House does it, it’s called “strategy?”

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