Want to play with Divine on Pink Flamingo sheets?


dawndavenportThese are not cha-cha heels! They’re even better. In John Waters’ magnum opus Female Trouble queer icon Divine bemoaned having her Christmas ruined by not receiving a pair of black fuck me-pumps under the tree, but she would surely enjoy playing with herself – make that an action figure version of her famous character – while lounging on bed sheets inspired by her breakout comedy Pink Flamingos.

Sculptor Tyson Tabbert has created a collection of action figures and home furnishing items that pay homage to Waters’ cult films. Unfortunately, these must-haves are not for sale (as of yet) but are part of an exhibition at New York’s La Mama Galleria through June 24. The display is titled “Lost Merchandise Of The Dreamlanders,” which is a nod to Waters’ production company Dreamland Productions.

The gallery’s website touts the faux merchandise as “presented in the spirit of a Sunday morning garage sale, the exhibit revels in the strange, nostalgic appeal of the 70s and 80s.” So sell it already!

Watch Dawn lose her shit at Christmas below.


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