Weak ‘Snatch Game’ Nearly Sinks ‘All Stars 3’ Episode 4

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What did we just watch? Could this have been the worst Snatch Game we’ve ever seen? How did Shangela end up in the Top 2 after busting out her same tired shtick of making obvious wordplay but with a sassy look on her face? Did the ghost of Paul Lynde pass out ‘ludes to everyone before filming, thus explaining why he was the only celeb still able to still string two words together? Was RuPaul actually a clone stuck in a positive feedback loop of self-promotion and dad jokes?

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(Cut to: Milk muttering at a watch party somewhere in Idaho, “My beloved and renowned Celine Dion impression would’ve killed.”)

We were devastated to see the normally hilarious Trixie bite it this episode, but Shangela made the right move by sending Chi Chi home instead of Trixie. (In a surprise twist, Ben and Shangela both won the lip sync and selected Chi Chi as this week’s designated bottom.) And while Shady Shangela probably would have loved nothing more than to send Trixie home, she also probably didn’t want to risk her Las Vegas residency by eliminating the most popular drag queen in America. Plus, Trixie needed to learn the hard way that dad jokes do not work when you use them during actual social interactions. Only RuPaul can get away with that.

Speaking of Shangela, we’re tired of her thinking she’s a comedic genius because she’s able to spit out the kinds of jokes that you’d find in an Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. Seriously, we can’t believe she accused Werk Room guest Marc Jacobs of “stealing” her joke that Miss Cleo should’ve seen her death coming. Bitch, Miss Cleo could’ve seen that JOKE coming from six feet fucking UNDER. People have said that literally thousands of times before you. (Also, see what we did there, Shangela? It takes about two seconds to think of wordplay and then emphasize random syllables in it to make it sound funnier.)

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Also, it’s becoming pretty obvious that Shangela only started watching Game of Thrones like three days before this season started filming. Like, we get it. You understand that Jon Snow and Daenerys are “good,” and Cersei is “bad.” But what about Stannis??? If Shangela busted out a timely and appropriate Stannis Baratheon reference, THEN we’d be impressed.

However, we loved Kristin Chenoweth as a guest judge/surprise Snatch Game contestant. Her booster chair reveal was everything. Nicole Byer was there, too.

Additionally, BenDeLaCreme was terrific as Paul Lynde — but no surprise there. At this point, she’d have to have an actual stroke in the middle of a challenge in order to lose.

Here are the best lines of the episode:

Nicole Byer to Chi Chi: “You look like a nice slutty teen who’s getting married.”

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Ru: “The winner of today’s Snatch Game is … the Amish, because they don’t have televisions!”

Aja: “I know I’m beautiful, and I don’t need anyone to tell me.”

Shangela re Chi Chi: “How you gonna be one of the world’s most beloved poets and you can’t even spell your own name?”

Kennedy: [drinks blurred out Red Bull]

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