Wedding Belles? Caitlyn Jenner Reportedly Engaged To Trans Model

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As Kanye West continues to have what we in the biz call a “full-on public breakdown” — and his wife allies with third-rate heist movie villains Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump — Caitlyn Jenner has drawn coke lines in the sand and established herself as the world’s most stable Kardashian-Jenner. (See: “Things that are not hard.”) In what must be a devastating blow to Kris Jenner, a.k.a. a woman who has made a living off of discrediting Caitlyn and ostracizing her from her own family, the 61-year-old Caitlyn Jenner is now reportedly engaged to the 21-year-old trans model Sophia Hutchins.

While Caitlyn has told the media she is “just friends” with the model, reports are suggesting that the pair will get hitched soon. Aww, yay! We’ve been looking forward to the day when trans folks can engage in creepy, gold-digging May-December relationships just as readily as their cis- counterparts. Equality!!    

Hutchins has been sharing the romance, courtship via Instagram. A quick perusal of her personal account shows the couple hobnobbing with celebs at a post-Oscar’s party, hitting the links aka golfing and doing a photo op at a race car event. (We didn’t do the most thorough job of stalking. OK?)

Despite our undying hatred for Caitlyn’s dumbfounding conservatism and support for President Trump, we can’t help but feel a little schadenfreude over this. After all, Caitlyn has positioned herself to outshine the Kardashians, despite Kris Jenner’s supposedly foolproof plan of having all of her daughters give birth to human children at the same time. (“Egad, I failed to consider my wild card, Kanye! Curses!” – Kris, raising her fists to the gods.) Thus, Caitlyn is starting to come off like the least worst family member in the second worst family in America. You can guess who the first — or should we say 45th — worst family is.

The same source that told The Mirror about Caitlyn’s budding engagement is also letting it slip that Caitlyn feels like an “outcast” due to her isolation from the LGBT community. Aww, poor rich lady! She must have realized that people get mad when you want to take away their rights and profit off of them! Sad!

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