Wrap Yourself Up In Perfume Genius’ Gorgeous ‘Wreath’


If you were wondering how to soothe your tortured soul during this terrifying week of earthquakes, nuclear threats and looming hurricanes, look no further than the latest music video from queer spirit guide, Perfume Genius (AKA Mike Hadreas). “Wreath,” from Hadreas’ latest album, No Shape, is a hopeful song about transcending bodily form. “Burn off every trace / I wanna hover with no shape,” he croons. “Wanna feel the days go by / Not stack up.”

While Hadreas is known for mixing glam with the absurd— in “Queen,” he strutted in high heels across a boardroom while feeding raw shrimp to middle-aged businessmen — this latest music video is refreshingly homemade. He handed creative reign to his fans, daring folks from across the globe to record themselves dance their ever-loving butts off — on streets, beside streams and meadows, draped in scarves, holding vacuums. One fan performs his entire dance routine in what looks like a public bathroom. The inventive choreography and kitschy costumes combine to create a freaky, fun celebration of human bodies.

It’s enough to make you forget where you are and maybe even what’s happening around you. Can we ask any more of our art?

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