Anti-Marriage Equality Clerk Kim Davis To Seek Re-Election


Guess who is back in the news. It’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ spirit animal, oppressive kook Kim Davis, whose shameful conduct is a lot like that of the Edward Scissorhands character Esmerelda, a wacko religious zealot—played by O-Lan Jones—with a dash of Piper Laurie from Carrie.

In 2015, Davis was an elected Kentucky county clerk who inserted herself into the public eye by refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling essentially made same-sex marriage legal. Five couples sued her, and a judge ordered her to do her job and issue the licenses. The lunatic dug her Payless ballet flat heels in deeper, refusing it all because the act ran counter to her personal beliefs. Her “protest” landed her five days in jail.

When Davis was released from prison, escorted by Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s dad, Colonel Sanders, she returned to work, and did what was most important to HER—removing the name Kim Davis, County Clerk from the marriage license form. The Kentucky state legislature eventually changed the law so county clerks like Davis would not have to sign marriage licenses.

Weirdly, Davis had been a Democrat, but became a Republican in the thick of her brouhaha.

As a Republican, she intends to run for re-election in 2018 in Rowan County. However, Davis could possibly face a challenger: David Ermold, one of the citizens she denied a marriage license. Ermold is now married to David Moore. It was their viral video that documented Davis’s refusal at the county clerk office in June 2015. Ermold and Moore are one of the couples suing Davis.

Though Rowan County is a “Democratic stronghold” (many local elected officials are Democrats), Ermold is worried about raising money to run for public office. Although he is only considering a campaign launch, @DErmold does have a Twitter account we should all follow to encourage him to run.

Just last month, Davis and a representative from Liberty Counsel, a “Christian” ministry, traveled to Romania and met with religious and political leaders. She was there to campaign against same sex marriage.


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