Queen Elizabeth: Warren Campaigns At DragCon
Although a few of the prominent presidential candidates have pledged to appear at two upcoming LGBTQ-focused forums, Elizabeth Warren has channeled her longtime sincerity into bold, election-winning strategy. At RuPaul’s DragCon, self-dubbed the “world’s largest” drag convention, the Warren campaign set up a booth to court the vote. The display
Michelle Obama 4 Prez: Former FLOTUS Encouraged To Run
We at Flagrant would be happy with several of the current Democratic contenders going head-to-head against He Who Shall Not Be Named in the 2020 Presidential election. But we’ve always held out hope that someone beloved by a vast majority of Americans would throw caution to the wind and announce
Long Live The Gay Bar
As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, it’s important to note the role that gay bars held, and continue to hold, in the queer community. For many, especially those living outside metropolitan areas, gay bars are as important now as they’ve ever been. As Trump and his
The Queen Is Dead: We Are Officially Done With Morrissey
If misery likes company, Big Mouth Morrissey continues to keep in stride with fellow shameful nativist Brit rock legends Eric Clapton—who, despite his debt to American Blues, still gives merit to the “Keep Britain white” tenets of the National Front that he endorsed in 1976—and Bryan Ferry, UK Conservative Party
Stonewall Wasn't The First Stonewall
If LGBTQ+ history were like Christian history, the Stonewall Uprising would be 0 AD. Everything began there. Everything happened because of it. Every twink, every Pride blackout, every video of a gay porn star launching his butthole at you for the Running Butthole Challenge …  It’s all possible because of
R.I.P. Gay Rights Activist, Filmmaker Pat Rocco
A largely-unsung giant of the LGBTQ rights movement, Pat Rocco was truly a Renaissance man. A singer on a popular TV series, a self-taught filmmaker, a gay rights pioneer and a homeless advocate, Rocco died November 8. He was 84. He was born in 1934 in New York, and as
Stormy Daniels Canonized By Activist Drag Queens
Dubbed “Saint Tempestuous, Eye of the Hurricane of Truth and Stormer of the Barricades of Intolerance,” adult entertainer/thorn in Trump’s side Stormy Daniels was recently canonized by activist drag queen nuns The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Daniels was performing at San Francisco’s Penthouse Club as part of her national strip
Romania's Same Sex Marriage Ban Defeated
October 2018 commenced with a dread that a referendum held by the Romanian government would change the country’s constitution to state that marriage is strictly a union between a man and a woman. Alas for the Undead of Romania’s leftist (!) Social Democrat Party (PSD), who launched this assholic discrimination
Tears Of A Clown: GOP Attempt To Mock Ted Cruz Rival Fails Spectacularly
Let’s face it. Clowns are creepy AF. “Pennywise” from It is the stuff of nightmares. When serial killer John Wayne Gacy wasn't murdering boys, he appeared at parties and parades as his alter-ego “Pogo." Lest we forget Trump’s favorite hamburger clown, Ronald McDonald. There’s a new clown to add to
Road Rage: AIDS Healthcare Foundation's Testing Truck Fiasco
Rants by Frank Rodriguez The non-profit AIDS Healthcare Foundation was founded in 1987 and is the largest HIV/AIDS organization in the world offering free HIV treatment to 820,000 patients in 39 countries. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the AHF has been no stranger to controversy. It’s President, Michael Weinstein is a
Progressive Primary Wins Shake Democrat Establishment
We’re one step away from losing same-sex marriage and reproductive rights, but let’s focus on the positive: Progressives are growing stronger, and we’re not dead. In a stunning overturn, 28-year-old Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated Rep. Joe Crowley, a 10-term incumbent, in New York’s 14th Congressional District primary on Tuesday.
Tiffany Trump Does NYC Pride While Her Father Continues Dismantling LGBTQ Rights
Tiffany Trump is just trying to live her best life, y’all. Can’t we let her have that? She’s a person too, you know! … is what we have never said, ever. There’s no question that Tiffany has gotten the short end of the stick in terms of Trump family nepotism,
Feckless Trump: Ivanka Praises Daddy For Ending Humanitarian Crisis He Started
Ivanka is still stanning for her dad, despite his humanitarian crimes and creepy desire to fuck her. Remember when we all thought she was a well-adjusted, selfless angel from God sent to deliver us from our sins? LOL.   After Donnie J signed an executive order to stop family separations
Pride Merch Often Produced In LGBTQ Hostile Countries
We just found today’s Queer-o. (That’s “queer hero,” for those who have not heard this term which we just invented.) Today’s Queer-o is the BBC for pointing out that H&M and Levi’s Pride clothing is partly being made in countries where homosexuality is illegal. On the surface, this is somewhat
Rachel Maddow Breaks Down While Reporting "Tender Age Shelters"
Are you listening, Laura Ingraham? This is how a real human, and not a robot imitating the cadences of a human, reads a news story about what’s happening at the border right now: When MSNBC host Rachel Maddow tried to read a breaking news story about “tender age shelters,” where
Fox Trumpette Laura Ingraham Equates Child Detention Centers To Summer Camp
Remember summer camp? Remember the hours of nothingness to fill, the scheduled meals, the friends for life? Remember when you got to stay up all night with those friends in a detention center? Remember your hot camp counselors in their ICE uniforms? Remember how much you’d fawn over them as
More Inclusive, Diverse Pride Flag Design Unfurled
The pride flag has been around since 1971, a year when the first baby gays had only just begun to crawl from the womb of the Stonewall Uprising. Needless to say, it’s been overdue for an upgrade. But while an update to the flag last year sought to symbolize both
Kathy Griffin Attacks 'Feckless Complicit Piece Of Sh**' Melania Trump
The legendary Griffin has risen again. Smelling the presence of new, vulnerable prey, The Griffin ascended from the fire pit of her Bel Air mansion yesterday and plunged her talons into … her iPhone … to emit a terrifying string of attacks … on Twitter … to finally and definitively
WH Ministry Of Propaganda Creates LOL Trailer For Trump/Kim Summit
Of dicks and dictators. Donald Trump has officially turned the White House into an entertainment vehicle. In celebration of his historical, ineffective, and purely-for-attention meeting with Kim Jong Un yesterday, Trump created a teaser trailer promoting a “movie” starring himself and Kim as heroes who will save the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=A838gS8nwas
Trump's New National Anthem Lyrics Revealed
Despite years of insisting that he’s the most patriotic man on this planet, Donald Trump has still not learned the words to “God Bless America.” At his non-traditional, hastily organized “Celebration of America” event Tuesday, he fumbled over the words as he tried to sing along with a men’s chorus
Trans Stonewall Activist Miss Major Sees More Work To Be Done
You know things are pretty bad when one of the founders of the modern LGBTQXYZ rights movement is saying that the Stonewall riots didn't make much difference. Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, a noted trans elder, queer rights pioneer and O.G. Stonewall rioter, along with other transwomen Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P.
Antartica To Hold First Ever Pride Event In June
Forget San Francisco, y’all. Antarctica is the new gayborhood. https://giphy.com/gifs/penguin-madagascar-penguins-of-aCpvwi2tuFQUE On April 22, 10 employees of McMurdo Station, Antarctica’s biggest research station, planted a rainbow flag in anticipation of the continent’s Pride celebration in June. In addition to gays in Antarctica having a better excuse to call each other “frigid
Kardashian, Trump White House Reality TV Star Summit Yields Zero Results
Earlier this week, the Oval Office became the site of a Mensa meeting in which some of the world’s biggest problems were swiftly and definitively solved forever. J/k, it was a meeting between Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump. KK and DT have a lot in common: They’re both reality stars,
Shooting Blanks: GOP Rep Blames Porn On School Gun Violence
Attn: Straight white men. Your predilection towards gun violence has nothing to do with your race, class, or emotional repression stemming from toxic masculinity. It has to do with the porn you’re watching. During a meeting last week with local pastors, Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.), who is running for governor
Draft Dodger Prez Memorial Day Message Praises Self, Twitter Claps Back
You may be a fascist if you spend half of your day gaslighting your allies and constituents on social media. But you’re only a true fascist if you start gaslighting the dead ones, too. Today, Donald Trump celebrated Memorial Day by tweeting that “those who died for our great country
Trump To Journalist Stahl: Attacks On The Press Attempt To 'Discredit You All'
Attn: We’ve gone full Nineteen Eighty-Forty-Five. According to CBS News journalist Lesley Stahl, Donald Trump once admitted to attacking the press in order to purposely discredit them.   Reportedly, when Stahl asked Trump prior to the 2016 election why he criticized the press so aggressively, Trump responded, “You know why
Stormy Daniels Getting Key To West Hollywood At Adult Boutique
In ancient times, the key to a city actually meant something. Whenever a friendly dignitary visited a city, that city would give them a functional key that opened the city’s gates. The city was essentially saying, “Hey dude, we trust you not to break in and murder our wives and
Schumer, Sarandon Make Campaign Contributions To Gay Man Challenging Bigot Kim Davis
There’s a historic, climactic battle of good and evil happening in Kentucky right now — and it’s all over who gets to sit in a chair and file paperwork. Actrevists Amy Schumer and Susan Sarandon have thrown their money behind David Ermold, the Democratic candidate challenging Kim Davis for the
Gay Man Says Pope Francis Told Him 'God Made You Like This And Loves You'
Pope Francis never ceases to amaze. According to Juan Carlos Cruz, an openly gay survivor of clerical sexual abuse, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church recently said that Cruz is gay because he was born that way. Well, technically Francis said that Cruz is gay because God made him
Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Alleges Team Trump Suppressed Voters
Remember Christopher Wylie, the pink-haired Canadian gay vegan who blew the whistle on Cambridge Analytica and their misuse of Facebook data earlier this year? Well, he ain’t done blowing that whistle, girl. Wylie told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that Cambridge Analytica also helped suppress votes from targeted sections
Anti-Semitic, Homophobic Pastor Opens U.S. Embassy In Jerusalem
Yesterday’s opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem has been a shitstorm of massive proportions, on multiple levels. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the White House is now pretending like its latest Embassy-related fuck-up just didn’t even happen. White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah is saying
China Banned From Airing Eurovision After Censoring Gay Themed Performance
Try as it may, China just can’t seem to successfully censor gay things. Only a month after failing to ban LGBTQ content from its social media platform Weibo, China has been prevented from streaming the final of the Eurovision Song Contest because one of its local networks censored a semifinal
Trump's Most Prominent Gay Appointee Grenell Puts The Ass In Ambassador
On this fine morning, we bring you the news that our country’s one openly gay Ambassador is actually just an ass, unadorned.   Just hours after accepting his post as a levelheaded diplomatic emissary between America and Germany, Richard Grenell decided to just throw it all to hell and start
Cynthia Nixon Has The Best Campaign Slogan
Cynthia Nixon is working on her Tight Five. At Tuesday night’s New York Legislative Correspondents Association Dinner (which is like the White House Correspondents Dinner but less rich), Nixon roasted everyone from Andrew Cuomo to squares. “Vote for the homo, not for the Cuomo,” said the budding stand-up, in what
Savage Burn: Advice Columnist Tells Gay Republican To F#&% Himself
When Dan Savage received a letter recently from a gay Trump voter asking why no one wanted to sleep with him anymore, Savage knew that he could either shake his head and ignore it, or deliver an epic burn that would trounce all burns ever delivered in the history of
Trump Sexual Assault Accuser Rachel Crooks Wins Ohio Primary Bid
Revenge is a dish best served polled. Rachel Crooks, whom Donald Trump kissed without her consent when she was a receptionist at Trump Tower in 2005, has secured a primary bid for state office in Ohio. Crooks, who no doubt slid into Trump’s DMs to send him a picture of
Mitt Romney Prefers Hotdogs
From outspoken Trump foe to staunch defender in a matter of months, Mitt Romney has the Zelig-like ability to shape-shift. And because he wants to appeal to his “just us folks” Utah voter base, he offered up the answer to the question no one really cared to ask: what’s your
No Trump Left Behind: First Lady Melania To Announce Children's Agenda
Now that Melania Trump has realized her husband is probably not getting impeached before Midterms, she has apparently just bitten the bullet and decided to carry out her duties as First Lady of the United States. Today, she will announce her formal platform at a Rose Garden event using a
Emoluments $chemoluments: Qatar Buys Forth Trump Tower Property
Remember when President Trump only banned Muslims from countries where he didn’t own property? And when he used his Trump hotels to unfairly shower benefits on United States allies? Well, neither of those actions were suspicious at all, and neither is the fact that the government of Qatar — a
Smoky Lies: Sarah Sanders 'No Comment' After Trump Admits Stormy Buyout
“Michelle Wolf committed a woman-on-woman hate crime,” said Republicans, after comedian Michelle Wolf joked about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ untruthfulness at the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday. “Michelle Wolf’s jokes about Sarah Huckabee Sanders were unfounded and based unfairly on her looks,” said media heavyweights after Wolf rightly identified them
President Pinocchio: Trump Surpasses 3000 Lies With Doctor Revelation
Donald Trump must have had a falling out with his personal doctor, Dr. Harold Bornstein, because Bornstein is now revealing that he did not, in fact, draft that letter about Trump’s health that Trump released to the press in 2015. You may recall that the letter claimed Trump would be
Drag Queens Join Protest Against Trump London Visit
Trump has now cancelled several planned trips to London due to the numerous protests that were promised to greet him upon his arrival — but if he finally makes the trip this summer, as planned, then he might face the protest to end all protests. The Orange Man, who is
More Human Than Human: Sean Spicer Unveils Melania Waxwork
On Wednesday, former White House paid liar Sean Spicer took a break from being involuntarily retired to reach a new low in his already tragic career: He unveiled a wax figure of Melania Trump at Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museum. Of course, everyone at the unveiling soon realized they had made
Sacre Poo! Trump's Stilted Macron Bromance Overshadowed By Setbacks
If President Trump had the energy or upper arm strength to punch a wall, he’d punch a wall right now. As his bromance with French President Macron cools - lest we forget “DandruffGate 2018,” as well as the incredibly awkward PDA’s including handshakes, kisses, air kisses - the President experienced
Nation Weeps: Parkland Activists Kasky, Hogg NOT Attending Prom Together
“When the night has been too lonely and the road has been too long, and you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong, just remember in the winter — far beneath the bitter snows — lies the seed, that with the sun’s love, in the spring,
That Don't Impress Us Much: Shania Twain Apologizes For Trump Support
Remember when Shania Twain sang, “I ain’t gonna act politically correct / I only want to have a good time,” and we were all like “OMG so fun, you do you Shania?” We should not have enabled her. Just days after appearing as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race,
Nasty Barbara Bush Comments Get Trump Crony Roger Stone Fired From Gig
We always assumed that in order to get kicked out of a country club, you’d have to: (a) accidentally misquote Caddyshack, (b) maliciously set fire to a VHS copy of The Legend of Bagger Vance, or (c) be friends with more than one Muslim. But thanks to Trump crony, sentient fart
Another Injustice: Trump Steals 'Breeder' Term From The Gays
Since the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has inflicted nothing but sheer terror and brutality on the LGBTQ population. But now, he’s officially gone too far. Donald Trump is about to make it not OK for us to use the word “breeder.” In another of his morning poop rants
China's Messaging Platform Weibo Bans, Then Unbans Gay Content After Outrage
In today’s installment of “WTF is going on in China,” the country recently banned and then un-banned a bunch of gay content on its messaging platform Weibo, which is essentially Twitter but with less Donald Trump rants. After announcing on Friday that it would soon purge “pornographic, violent and gay-themed
James Comey Pours The Tea, Trump Administration 'Mob Family'
With his sad eyes, frowny stare, and salt n’ pepper seriousness, James Comey isn’t the kind of guy you’d expect to sit down for a kiki. But alas, he was the life of the kiki last night when he sat down with George Stephanopoulos for a shadefest of historical proportions
Tabloids And Toddlers: National Enquirer Paid To Kill Trump Love Child Story
In the first ever occasion of “The National Enquirer” and “serious news” being associated together in the same article, the Associated Press reported today that the Enquirer once paid a doorman $30,000 to keep him quiet about information that would have hurt Donald Trump’s campaign. Reportedly, the recipient of the
Trumpster Fire Claims Another, House Speaker Paul Ryan Retiring
Sensing that the American poor would soon have no more money left for him to steal, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced Wednesday that he would not seek re-election in November. The announcement came mere days after the revelation that America would soon be $1 trillion in debt, meaning
Flamin' Hot Cheeto: Trump Twitter Meltdown Alerts Russia To Incoming 'Nice, New, Smart' Missiles
President Donald Trump started Wednesday morning like any adult baby – scared, confused, and lacking control over his own fingers. First, the 71-year-old loofah fired off a surprising tweet about Russia and Syria, vowing to send “smart” missiles at Syria and daring Russia to stop him. “Get ready Russia, because
As Scandals Swirl Around Her, Melania Attempts To Reassure Middle Schoolers
Yesterday, thanks to an unexpectedly poetic would-be fluff piece from People Magazine, we received a hilarious, disconcerting gaze into the ironic life of Melania Trump. In the piece, which nominally set out to cover Melania’s “listening session” with a group of middle-school students on Monday, a “tumbling water glass” became
Mr. Zuckerberg Goes To Washington
Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg will finally face the music today when he steps in front of the Senate Judiciary, Commerce, Science and Transportation committees to discuss his company’s mishandling of data from up to 87 million unsuspecting Facebook users. Reportedly, the Zuck will apologize for said mishandling of
In Lieu Of Gifts: Royal Couple Ask For Donations To Homeless, HIV, Other Charities
Half the world is jealous of her and the other half is figuring out how to Single White Female their way into her life — so what’s a royal princess to do with all that attention? One-up the haters, obvi. As critics across the land continue to waste their money
Homeland Security Compiling Database To Track Journalists, Influencers
In the latest indication that the Trump administration is actually just the creation of an amateur writer penning a 1984 knockoff, Bloomberg Law just reported that a mysterious government organization with an unnecessarily unwieldy name is now monitoring hundreds of thousands of news outlets and bloggers across the country. In
Jesus Take The Steel: Religious Right Leaders Believe Christ Will Carry AR-15
If you thought that the church that literally worships guns was disturbing, then you’ll be thrilled to learn that a whole slew of religious leaders are claiming that the Bible and God both endorse mandatory gun ownership. And if that weren’t enough, they’re also arguing that when Jesus returns to
Conservative Gay Pundit Chadwick Moore Booted From Brooklyn Gay Bar
In today’s edition of “Who’s the Snowflake, now?” a gay conservative is claiming he was kicked out of Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Bar Thursday for being a Donald Trump supporter. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Flagrant can confirm that there are definitely Donald Trump supporters who frequent Metropolitan, and
Top DOJ Lawyer Leaves To Fight Sessions, Trump LGBT Discrimination
In the latest blow to the Trump administration, a top lawyer at the Justice Department just pulled a total turncoat move — a Selma Blair-towards-the-end-of-Legally-Blonde-move — and switched sides in the fight for justice. Diana Flynn, who has been chief of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division Appellate Section since
From Disney Channel To Land Of Make Believe, Sunshine Joins Trump Press Team
President Trump still hasn’t filled 350 key positions in his administration, but we can stop worrying about that now. Trump just appointed a former Disney Channel star named Caroline Sunshine to be his White House press assistant, so it sounds like things are under control. Sunshine, 22, is best known
Stormy's '60 Minutes' Interview Details Trump Affair, Cover Up, Threats
Throughout his career, Anderson Cooper has visited disaster zones and fought for the disenfranchised, all while living his life openly and honestly — but yesterday, he reached new heights by bravely interviewing a porn star. Unfortunately, the biggest “revelations” from Cooper’s Sunday night interview with Stormy Daniels  — which Daniels’
Hookups Shut Down: Craigslist Drops Personals Section
If you’ve ever been a semi-closeted person with nothing left to lose, then chances are you’ve entertained the idea of cruising Cragislist’s personal sections. However, we regret to inform you that Craiglist’s personal sections have been reported as spam … permanently.   On Thursday, the gargantuan classifieds site eliminated all
Trump Brags About Cambridge Analytica Swaying Election
Earlier this week, we learned that the shady data firm Cambridge Analytica colluded with Steve Bannon and the billionaire Republican donor Robert Mercer to deceptively (and perhaps illegally) obtain data from over 50 million Facebook users in an effort to help get President Donald Trump elected. We also learned that
Ignoring Security Advisors, Trump Congratulates Putin On Election 'Win'
President Trump is reportedly conducting a White House-wide witch hunt after news got out that he congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin on his rigged election win — despite a memo in Trump’s possession that very plainly said “DO NOT CONGRATULATE.” According to CNN, both Trump and his chief of staff
Cynthia Nixon Announces NY Governor Bid, Bashed As 'Unqualified Lesbian'
She may not have been able to fix Carrie Bradshaw’s love life as Miranda Hobbes, but she’s confident she can fix the state of New York. Cynthia Nixon — is running for Governor of New York. Nixon, a brilliant, eloquent, and talented actor and orator, was bashed today by openly
Meet Gay Whistleblower Who Helped Trump Campaign Steal Facebook Data
He’s the gay pink-haired vegan who hung out with Steve Bannon and major Republican donors. He’s the Canadian wunderkind who dropped out of school at 16 to work for the leader of the Canadian opposition party. He’s the bitchy, prescient, intellectually dazzling amoralist who may or may not regret creating
VP Pence Invites Gay Irish Prime Minister, Partner Into His Home
On Friday, Vice President Mike Pence told the openly gay Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, that he and his partner Matt Barrett, would be ‘welcome’ in the home he shares with “Mother” if he decides to visit the U.S. next year. The rather stunning invite was reported by Varadkar after
Ground Control To Major Dumb: Trump Proposes 'Space Force'
How does that famous line about Paul Revere’s Ride go? “One if by land, two if by sea, covfefe if by space?” We’re only asking because the President of the United States is now insisting that our country’s next great proving ground in battle is outer space.  “My new national
Westboro Bigots Protest Gay Football Star, Town Rallies To Support Him
Love, Simon opens in theaters this week, but In Ladue, Missouri, there’s an inspirational gay teen movie happening right now in real life — and so far, we’re giving it five out of five Molly Ringwalds. After star football player Jake Bain came out at Ladue’s private John Burroughs prep
Grindr For The Resistance: New Dating Site Welcomes LGBTQ Trump Haters
In response to all the controversy surrounding the recently unveiled homophobic pro-Trump dating site Trump.Dating, the American Liberal Council is launching its own pro-queer anti-Trump dating site — and its name is (you guessed it) NeverTrump.Dating. According to the ALC, the site is catered towards people who believe in “tolerance
Is Dennis Rodman Behind Proposed U.S., North Korea Talks?
In 2013, retired pro basketball player, amateur cross-dresser Dennis Rodman became one of the first known Americans to have met with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un — and now, possibly, he is the first person to have helped set up a face-to-face meeting between a U.S. President and
Draft Dodger Trump's $30M Military Parade Marches Forward
Trump’s plans for a military parade are marching ahead, country be damned. Twitter slacktivists are rightfully pointing out that the Veteran’s Day parade will cost the government about $30 million — a number that could feed all of the country’s homeless veterans 393 times over. Trump’s proposed fiscal budgets have,
Netflix And Thrill: Obamas Negotiating Streaming Service Production Deal
Good news for anyone wondering where TF Obama is and why he hasn’t saved our country yet. (So … everyone.) Reportedly, Baracky and Michelle are in “advanced negotiations” with Netflix to produce a series of shows that will once again provide them with a national platform. This is the greatest
Betsy DeVos Visits Parkland, Pets Dog, Chats With 3 People, Avoids Questions
U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos flew out of her cave again Wednesday morning to descend upon Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and leave a trail of DeVostation in her wake. Unfortunately for her, those Parkland kids were already lined up with Twitter fingers at the ready. “Betsy Devos came
Parkland Student Activist Hangs Up On White House
The Parkland teens are doing great at life and all that, but would it be so wrong to propose the idea of them having their own reality show? Reason #1: David Hogg, one of the most outspoken survivors of the tragedy, revealed to Bill Maher recently that he responded to
White Liar, Trump Adviser, Communications Director Hope Hicks To Resign
The malfunctioning Brooke Shields clone Hope Hicks refused to testify against her fellow White (House) Staffers when in front of the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, which would normally get a person subpoenaed. However, because Congress is corrupt AF and the Republicans are all suckers for a beautiful woman who
Conservative 'Clueless' Star Stacey Dash Running For Congress
Clueless star Stacey Dash is now running for Congress in California. That’s a sentence best read literally. While many of you will know Dash as the fabulously dressed Dionne, the best friend of Alicia Silverstone’s character in Clueless, others of you will know her as a dumb-as-nails conservative commentator who
Trump And His Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Monday
If you’re having a bad Monday, then just take comfort knowing that President Trump is having the Mondayest of Mondays. In addition to currently rocking the lowest approval ratings of his presidency — and of any modern presidency ever, for that matter — he just hit a major roadblock in
NRA Spokesmodel Dana Loesch Is the Worst
If you spent the weekend camping out in the remote crisp desert or hiking in the highlands of a forested winter wonderland, you were lucky enough not to see that Dana Loesch was trending all over social media. The slick spokesmodel of the NRA has been making the rounds of
Mattis Recommends Continuing To Allow Trans People In Military
You wouldn’t expect Secretary of Defense James Mattis to be the type of guy to fight on behalf of trans folks. The big, strong, manly man — or, depending on how you look at him, “tired basset hound” — is in charge of arguably the world’s greatest military, and yet
UK's Largest LGBT Charity Withdraws From Pride In London Over 'Lack Of Diversity'
Racism in the queer community isn’t just a U.S. problem, as evidenced by some recent DRAMA surrounding this year’s Pride in London Festival. Stonewall, Britain’s largest LGBT charity, withdrew support for Pride in London yesterday due to concerns over the festival’s “lack of diversity.” The charity announced it would instead
'Family Values' Republican Governor Greitens Indicted On Revenge Porn Scheme
Today, in What Else Is New, another “family values” Republican is being accused of being a corrupt douchebag. Admitted adulterer Eric Greitens, ak.a. the Governor of Missouri, was indicted Thursday on a felony charge of invasion of privacy for using an ex mistress’s nude pic against her as blackmail. That
Flagrant Flashback: Gore Vidal Outs McCarthy, Cohn On TV Talk Show
It was 1977—a pre-Geraldo Rivera era of decent network TV talk shows—when Roy Cohn, a one-time attorney for Donald Trump and the owners of Studio 54, appeared on Midday Live on WNEW and debated writer and “public intellectual” Gore Vidal. Bill Boggs hosted and/or moderated the proceedings. Cohn booked the
Right Wing Conspiracy Nuts, Don Jr. Troll Activist Parkland Students
As the rest of the country has essentially sat on our asses complaining about the state of things and launching the occasional protest, the teenagers of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida have emerged as the true leaders of the Resistance. Now, if they could only help the
Hate Groups On The Rise Since Trump Election
We all saw this coming, didn’t we? The Southern Poverty Law Center said yesterday that the number of hate groups in the U.S. has increased since the election of one Donald J. Trump, thanks to Trump’s immigration stance and his perceived sympathy for white supremacists. Apparently when you call white
Trump Blames Everyone Except BFF Putin For Election Tampering
In a moment that will surely be looked upon with relish when Robert Mueller exposes Trump’s total complicity in the 2016 Russian hacking operation, Trump went on Twitter Tuesday morning and blamed Barack Obama for Russia’s interference in the election. Trump used Obama’s own words against him by tweeting out
Parkland Student: Inevitability Of Shootings 'Facade' Promoted By GOP
As the country still reels from the tragedy of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday, one thing has become clear: The kids at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are braver than anyone in Congress right now. While elected officials at every level of government have
Trump's Budget Proposal Guts HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment
Every week, Trump and his team of supervillains gather at their usual active volcano crater to discuss fresh ways to screw over queer people. This week, their brainstorming sesh wasn’t as productive as usual: All they managed to concoct was a plan to go after AIDS patients again. To wit,
Trump Blames Parkland Mass Carnage On Classmates For Not Reporting Shooter
On April 20, 1999, the country stood still in shock when two teens killed 13 people and wounded 20+ more with two shotguns, a 9mm carbine, and a semi-automatic handgun at Columbine High School. On Valentine’s Day 2018, the country barely batted an eye when one teen killed 17 adults
Your Thoughts And Prayers Are Worthless. We Demand Action And Change.
With heartbreaking, nauseating regularity we’ve almost become numb to the BREAKING NEWS of yet another mass shooting in the United States of America. Today, on Valentine’s Day, it was a public school in Parkland, Florida. Teenagers scrambling to hide under desks. Teachers barricading children inside classrooms. At least seventeen lives
NYTimes Hires, Then Fires Homophobic, Racist Writer Busted On Twitter
Just a few months after running a sympathetic profile of a Nazi, The New York Times is further proving that it is trolling the entire country. Shortly after the Times announced Tuesday that it had hired a writer named Quinn Norton to lead its opinion section on the “power, culture,
Dr Seuss Villain DeVos Won't Investigate Trans Discrimination Complaints
With her pinched nose and large, probing raccoon eyes, Betsy DeVos is looking more and more like a Dr. Seuss character every day. And considering her Education Department just announced it will ignore complaints filed by transgender students who are banned from restrooms matching their gender identity, let’s just go
Barack And Michelle Obama Official Portraits Unveiled
In precious remembrance of the near past, the official portraits of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were revealed today in the National Portrait Gallery within the Smithsonian Institution. Mr. Obama will be remembered in history as the 44th President of the United States, and Mrs. Obama served as the First
Nathan Lane: Trump Perfected Lying From His Gay Lawyer Roy Cohn
Two-time Tony award winner Nathan Lane stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his starring role in the Broadway revival of “Angels in America.” Shortly after cracking wise with the host (jokes about Steve Bannon as an Uber driver and Elton John as his emotional support peacock),
Omarosa Drags Trump Administration: 'It's Not Going To Be OK'
Oh Sweet Gayby Cheesus Mother of Cher, Omarosa Manigault basically just confirmed that our country is imploding. In a pajama party with the helium-voiced RuPaul's Drag Race judge Ross Mathews on the latest episode of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition, the former Apprentice contestant and former Director of Communications for the Office
Nazi, Holocaust Denier Arthur Jones Running As Illinois Republican Congressional Nominee
A Holocaust-denier who has unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for Illinois’ Third Congressional District no less than five times, is poised to finally win the nomination this year. What a coincidence that this is happening during the same year that the President of the United States called a group of
VP Mike Pence 'Bad Fit' For Inclusive Olympics, States Out Skier Kenworthy
We’ve already reported on the grace and poise of renowned ice gazelle Adam Rippon, but there’s another, less-gazelly gay man who is also competing at the Winter Olympics this year. Gus Kenworthy, a hunky tattooed freeskier who along with Rippon is one of the first two openly gay men to
Declassified Nunes Memo Released To Discredit Russian/Trump Investigation
“Mr. Trump declassified the memo without requesting any redactions,” reports The New York Times about the notorious memo created by Representative Devin Nunes, who serves the San Joaquin Valley in California. Nunes’s forehead is permanently worried-looking from it being shoved up Trump’s rectal canal where Nunes frequently goes in for
'No Gay? No Way!' Amazon Urged To Shun Anti-LGBTQ States For New HQ
The search for a new Amazon headquarters is beginning to invoke the same feelings of drama and urgency as the search for a new Olympics host city. On Thursday, queer rights activists led chants of “No Gay? No Way!” in response to Amazon’s consideration of Indianapolis and Raleigh, N.C. in
Tired Trump SOTU 'Awash In Horrific Oversimplifications,' Fake News
In the chatty aftermath of Trump’s stale State of the Union address, Katherine Krueger of Jezebel described the event best, as “a speech awash in horrific oversimplifications.” Krueger rightly was disturbed by the story Trump exploited about the New Mexico cop and his wife adopting the baby of a homeless
Rep Kennedy Invites Trans Soldier To State Of The Union Address
Joe Kennedy III — the Democratic daddy chosen to deliver the Democrats’ response to Trump’s State of the Union address today — is using his platform to make a statement of his own at the ceremony. Kennedy, one of only two currently serving members of the legendary Kennedy family, will
Trump's Alleged Mistress Stormy Daniels To Appear On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
Jimmy Kimmel announced on Twitter last week that adult film star/alleged Trump side-piece Stormy Daniels will appear on his show Tuesday following Trump’s State of the Union address, adding that he has “MANY QUESTIONS” for the “gifted” Daniels. It’s unclear if by “gifted” he meant “able to play ‘Go Tell
Reclaiming Our Time: Auntie Maxine To Challenge Trump's State Of The Union Address
California Congresswoman Maxine Waters has turned out to be one of the baddest bitches (and we say that with all due respect) in Congress since Trump rose to power, and we are here for the drama. Kind of like when Reese Witherspoon’s character threw a birthday party on the same
Increasing Anti-LGBTQ Violence, Intolerance Directly Related To Trump Policies
Sadly, it will come as little surprise to Flagrant readers that there is a significant uptick in acts of violence and intolerance toward LGBTQ-identifying American citizens since Cheeto Hitler took office. In just one horrible year, the #MeFirst president has enabled a whole host of unsavory hate-mongers to dictate and
Porn Star Affair Be Damned, Trump Gets 'Do-Over' From Evangelicals
The Family Research Council, a supposedly faith-based organization listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-gay hate group, is headed by the odious Tony Perkins. Perkins should not at all be confused with legendary actor Anthony Perkins of Psycho who passed away in 1992 from AIDS-related causes. Tony
On Blast: Atlanta Gay Bar Owner Under Fire After Racist Posts Surface
When are we as progressives going to learn that the Progressive Movement is not every man and woman for themselves? In a political climate in which queer people need to be banding together with women, trans people, and people of color more than ever, we still don’t seem to be
Did The Cookie Crumble? Papa Keebler Jeff Sessions Grilled By Team Mueller
Sources are confirming to the New York Times that Robert Mueller is directing his Russia investigation to “Attorney General and Friendly Racist Neighbor Who Is Gleefully Stealing Your Newspapers” Jeff Sessions, a.k.a., Papa Keebler. Mueller reportedly questioned Sessions - thought to be the first member of Trump's remaining cabinet in
Women's March Returns With Rousing Speeches, Righteous Posters, Celeb Cameos
The second annual Women’s March produced a number of memorable moments — and signs! Some of our favorites: “I’ve seen better Cabinets at IKEA!” “This is my resisting bitch face.” “Super Callous Fragile Racist Sexist Not My Potus” “Anything you can do, I can do bleeding” “Tide pods for Trump”
Decorated Veteran, Senator Duckworth Slams 'Cadet Bone Spurs,' 'Draft Dodger' Trump
The federal government shutdown Friday at midnight after the Senate failed to pass a short-term funding bill. Beforehand, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) sat down with Bone Spurs offering what he characterized as a generous concession from Democrats by granting Trump’s request for southern border wall funding in exchange
HHS BS: Health Care Providers Allowed To Discriminate Against LGBTQ
In what is sure to be overshadowed by the looming government shutdown and Subpoena Steve’s efforts to stick it to the House Intelligence Committee, Thursday will mark an official policy shift within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) civil rights office. Trump-appointed Roger Severino in cahoots with the
Voter Fraud: Fake President Botches Fake News Awards
Just like Trump’s plans to build a wall, his vows to Make America Great Again, and his promises to value the lives of all American citizens, his planned “Fake News Awards” turned out to be a load of bullshit. Similar to the Razzies, which “reward” the worst films, screenplays, and
Rest In Power Pioneering AIDS Researcher, Activist Dr. Mathilde Krim
Dr. Mathilde Krim passed away Monday at age 91. Krim was a pioneer of incredible foresight in the fight against HIV/AIDS. She founded the AIDS Medical Foundation (AMF) in 1983. AMF was the first private research organization that two years later branched out to form American Foundation for AIDS Research
Disgraced Trump Strategist 'Sloppy Steve' Bannon Is Now 'Subpoened Steve'
Steve Bannon, the former White House strategist who is now probably depending on his royalties from Seinfeld syndication, will have to give testimony before a grand jury in conjunction with the investigation into Donald Drumpf and cronies having shady connections with Russia. Special counsel Robert Mueller subpoenaed Bannon last week,
Discharged From Military Over 60 Years Ago For Being Lesbian, Helen James Is Fighting Back
Airman Second Class Helen James was unjustly kicked out of the United States Air Force on March 2, 1955 for being a lesbian. The time period, right smack in the middle of the Cold War, was thick with McCarthyism. The military and government, ironically using Stalinesque tactics, were hell-bent on
71-Year-Old Fast Foodie Trump In 'Excellent Health' Claims Doctor
As you may have heard, the President recently called several countries “shitholes” in a bipartisan meeting about immigration last week — and, somehow, THIS was the moment many people realized our president is a racist. (Never mind the man’s birtherism, “Pocahontas” jokes, and literal sympathy for Nazis. Apparently, he had
Chelsea Manning Running For Senate, Releases Campaign Video
Considering all the LGBTQ people running for office this year, it’s easy to see the queer community as some sort of sleeper cell — a dormant network of gay spies only stimulated to action by the election of one Donald J. Trump. That being said, the most recent sleeper spy
Prez And Porn Star: Can Trump Weather Stormy Daniels Affair?
The Wall Street Journal reports that according to people familiar with the matter, asshole attorney Michael Cohen arranged $130,000 in hush money to be paid to Stephanie Clifford, a porn performer with the stage name of Stormy Daniels, regarding a consensual sexual relationship with the disgusting Bigot-in-Chief. This occurred about
Midterms Democratic 'Blue Wave' Could Change Everything
While it may seem like things are going to shit in America, that’s only because things are going to shit in America. But all hope is not lost. If modern American democracy were a Hollywood film, then the 2016 election would by no means be the end of the movie.
Trump's Racist 'Shithole' Comment Surprises Exactly No One
Anonymous sources present during a White House meeting on Thursday revealed the Shithead in Chief referred to Haiti and nations in Africa as “shithole countries.” The purpose of the meeting in the Cabinet Room with members of Congress was to discuss a bipartisan immigration deal to retool the Deferred Action
Mississippi Anti-LGBTQ Law Unchallenged By Supreme Court
Don’t ya hate when Bible Belt conservative Christians take a civil rights issue and turn it on its head? In 2016, Mississippi passed HB 1523, a law providing protection to folks with three certain beliefs, the crucial excerpt outlined below: The sincerely held religious beliefs or moral convictions protected by
'Mattachine' Podcast Brings Queer Rights History To New Audience
Still recovering from the disaster that was Roland Emmerich’s Stonewall? We might have the antidote. For anyone still looking for an actually entertaining take on queer history, you might consider checking out “Mattachine,” a new serialized podcast that launched January 4. “Mattachine” plans to "uncover a lesser-known piece of queer
'Very Stable Genius' Trump Tweets, Fumes Over Bombshell 'Fire And Fury'
Like every stable genius in history, President Trump has gone on Twitter to insist on how much of a stable genius he is. “Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart,” he tweeted Saturday morning, unprovoked. “Crooked Hillary Clinton also played
From Belieber To Believer, 'Ex-Lesbian' Spreads Gospel Of Conversion Therapy
A new video from a Christian nonprofit, marketing itself as “Next Generation Evangelism,” called Anchored North (because North Star, we guess?) is presenting “evidence” that gay conversion therapy works. The non-ironically titled video “Love is Love,” starts out with teens dancing to party music on a rooftop and two girls
Not Ken And Barbie: HIV/AIDS Campaign Uses Dolls for Safe-Sex Education
On January 1, 2018, Desert AIDS Project (DAP) launched an innovative campaign to promote safe sex in the Coachella Valley. Billboards and signs featuring fashion dolls—in the style of Ken and Barbie—have been mounted throughout the valley with the intent of promoting pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, a “safer-sex” option to
Doug Jones' Son Carson Is All Of Us, Withering Side-Eye Destroys Pence
A photo of Doug Jones getting sworn in by Mike Pence has gone viral for one reason and one alone: Jones’ handsome gay son, Carson, giving the VP major side-eye. Carson can be seen in the picture giving Pence some serious shade, which has naturally attracted the attention of the
Epic Read: Explosive Book Details 'Chaos And Dysfunction' Of Trump's White House
Proving that it takes a charlatan to know a charlatan, a public war of words has erupted between President Just for Men Hair Coloring and his former White House strategist, the ever-bloated Steve Bannon. In excerpts of the upcoming book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael
Lesbian Latina Sheriff Lupe Valdez Running For Texas Governor
Donald Trump’s election has shaken a number of progressives from the peaceful complacency they once enjoyed thanks to Barack Obama’s leadership. Like beasts arising from dormancy, they have shed their cozy cocoons of liberalism and roared at the heavens, hungrily devouring each of Donald Trump’s tweets as they regain their
Red Yawn: Russian Propagandists Mock U.S. 'Tranny Troops'
Like a pasty-faced school bully who acts out because his dad never takes him out for ice cream, Russia keeps finding new ways to fuck with America. Their latest move has been to taunt President Trump for “capitulating” to the Justice Department, which ruled to allow transgender people into the
Senator Hatch Retiring, Thorn In Trump's Ass Romney A Shoe In?
Senator Orrin Hatch announced Tuesday he will be retiring, opting not to seek re-election in 2018. The octogenarian declared on social media, “After much prayer and discussion with family and friends I’ve decided to retire at the end of this term.” This paves the way for thorn-in-Trump’s-ass Mitt Romney to
At Last: A Feel-Good Story To Sign Off 2017, Ring In 2018
As all media outlets, tweeters, vloggers, etc., are encapsulating end-of-2017 raw emotions and events, The New York Times published an inspiring true love story between two disparate individuals, a story that does a damn good job washing away a lot of the terrible cooties making us so weary. On December
Trump Fires HIV/AIDS Council Without Explanation Via Fed-Ex Letter
President Trump has already proven that he doesn’t understand the concepts of climate change, economics, law, international diplomacy and the American government, so you may not be surprised to learn that he also doesn’t understand how diseases work. Trump just terminated all the members of his administration’s HIV/AIDS Council without
Bitter Batter: Court Sides Against Discriminatory Sweet Cakes Bakery
In a discrimination case stemming from an incident in 2013, the Oregon Court of Appeals has sided with the state, upholding the penalty against bigoted bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein. The owners of the now-closed Sweet Cakes By Melissa bakery in Gresham, Oregon (suburb of Portland) refused to make
Zach Wahls Announces Senate Bid, Famously Defended Lesbian Moms
Zach Wahls, who defended same-sex marriage in 2011’s most-watched political video, is seeking a seat as Iowa State Senator. At the time that speech went viral, Wahls was an extremely omniscient 19-year-old who showed himself as a living example that his two moms—Jackie Reger and Terry Wahls—raised a superb citizen
Interviewed By Prince Harry, Obama Expertly Shades Trump
Obama and Prince Harry have unveiled a bromantic interview they recorded a couple months ago, and it's basically a combo of Trump shade and aggressive avoidance of major conversation topics. In the interview for BBC Radio 4's Today, Obama and Harry start out things by avoiding Obama's real feelings about
Evil Money Moves: Trump Tax Reform Disgrace Passed
How old were you 30 years ago? Were you born yet? According to one fleeting CNN.com headline, the Republican-dominated House of Representatives just passed “the biggest tax changes in 30 years.” That’s when Reagan was president, and the Tax Reform Act of 1986 was passed with a democratic majority (Reagan
Family Values: Sarah Palin's Son Goes On Boozy Rampage, Pummels Dad
In a surprise to no one, Track Palin—the son of former Alaska Governor and 2008 vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin—was arrested Saturday on assault and burglary charges. Details from Anchorage Daily News say the 28-year-old “repeatedly hit his father, Todd Palin.” Track had shown up at the Palin family home in
Huh? Philippine Strongman Duterte Now Backs Same-Sex Unions
It turns out that the vengeful, possibly psychopathic President of the Philippines, who has palled around with the Donald and bragged about brutally killing someone as a teenager, might actually do something good for a change. Presumably in between ordering the murders of scores of wayward drug dealers and suspected
Trump Admin Bans 7 Terms At CDC Including 'Transgender,' 'Diversity'
Something evil—Vladimir Putin?—has let a bee into Trump’s orange bonnet. In part, it also smells like the evangelical ideology of Mike Pence woven past Trump’s hair plugs into his brain, because the White House has given the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) a list of seven words that
'Bye Felicia': GMA Host Shades Outgoing Trump Appointee Omarosa
With just two words, Robin Roberts, co-host of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” summed up how we all feel about Omarosa Manigault Newman departing the White House: “Bye Felicia.” The controversial reality TV star resigned or was fired, depending on who’s telling the story, from her ill-defined position inside Trump’s White
#KeatonStrong: Bullying Viral Video Story Takes Shocking Turn
You may have heard of the 11-year-old Tennessee boy Keaton Jones who recently went viral after his filmed account of being bullied caught the attention of celebrities across the country. In the filmed confession, Jones admits to his mother that his classmates make fun of his nose and call him
Randy Rainbow Hilariously Parodies Roy Moore, His Supporters
It's the day of the Alabama Senate race, and passions are running high. As the entire country waits to see if Alabama trusts Donald Trump — a slurring, orange whale —  over the nine women who have accused his preferred candidate, Roy Moore, of sexual assault, we're all a little
Gillibrand Calls For Trump's Resignation, He Responds With Sexually Suggestive Tweet
On Monday, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (NY-D) told CNN Donald J. Trump (Repulsive) should resign because of at least 19 allegations against him of sexual assault. A wide range of women have come forward since the 2016 election season, and in October 2016 the notorious Access Hollywood video (“grab ’em by
Defying Trump Order, Pentagon Says Trans Can Enlist In Military
Shocker: President Trump's impulsive, unsubstantiated July tweet about banning transgender people from the military, which he didn't run by any of his top advisors, has been rendered ineffective. The Pentagon announced Monday that it will resume recruiting transgender individuals into the military starting in January. When Draft-Dodger-In-Chief eventually issued a
Why, Sandy, Why? Sandra Bernhard Joins Trumper Roseanne's Show Revival
We’ve been planning to boycott ABC’s upcoming Roseanne revival due to Roseanne Barr’s continuing, problematic public support of Donald Trump, but now we’re just confused. TVLine just confirmed that Sandra Bernhard and Estelle Parsons will return to the show as openly lesbian friend Nancy, and Roseanne and Jackie’s late-in-life lesbian
Approval Rating Lowest Ever, Trump Campaigns For Moore
Despite the hole that Trump and the Republicans have dug for themselves, they’ve somehow managed to dig even deeper. In fact, they’ll probably keep digging for the rest of Trump’s short term until they finally get to Hell and convince Satan to run for a Senate position. Honestly, he’d make
Say No To Yass: Trump Pal Thiel Courts LGBTQ He Sold Out
On the surface, gay billionaire Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel might seem like an asshole. But deep down, the PayPal co-founder and sweaty tech nerd is really just a bigger asshole. Let’s never forget how Thiel once used his limitless power, money, and white male influence to bully and bury
Los Angeles Set to Be Legal Weed Hub In January
As the entertainment industry vacillates in ever-expanding sexual assault lawsuits and the exodus of blockbuster film productions out of state continues, Los Angeles can take profitable pride in the legalization of recreational ganja, to take effect January 1, 2018. Last November by a chill, healthy margin, Golden State voters approved
G'Day For LGBTQ Equality: Australia Legalizes Same Sex Marriage
On December 7, Australia became the 25th country to recognize same-sex marriage. The nation’s parliament passed a nearly unanimous bill allowing any two adults to wed. This legislative effort was prompted by an historic mail-in referendum survey vote that demonstrated 61.6% of the participants were in support of legalizing same
Austrian Same-Sex Marriage Willkommen in 2019
Starting 2019 same-sex couples can wed in the land where edelweiss grows in the alpine meadows. Austria’s Constitutional Court reversed a law that limited same-sex unions to be designated as civil partnerships. Austria is just catching up in the modern game, now being the 16th European nation to institute marriage
Obama Encourages Trans Activist To 'Find Your Voice'
President Obama must have realized that our country is beyond repair, because now he's saving other countries instead. As part of his work with the Obama Foundation, Baracky traveled to New Delhi, India last weekend to host a town hall meeting for young people about activism and being an active
Casual Arm Touch Leads To Conservative Republican Gay Panic
Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband, cuz gay guys are touching EVERYBODY'S arms out here. A Republican lawmaker in Pennsylvania just had a full-on mental break on Tuesday after a fellow male lawmaker, Democrat Rep. Matt Bradford, gently touched his arm to drive home a point.
Martha Stewart: 'Every Wedding Is Special To Me'
Legendary lifestyle guru Martha Stewart apparently attends “a lot” of same-sex weddings. Makes sense, since her publication Martha Stewart Weddings offers wedding planning and etiquette guidelines for lovebirds of all identities looking to tie the knot, and regularly showcases the happy nuptials of same-sex couples—and of course the sumptuous receptions
Masterpiece Cakeshop Vs. All Of Us
In an argument Tuesday over the case of a Colorado baker who refuses to make wedding cakes for a gay couple, the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court seemed firmly divided on whether queer people or religious straight people should have easier access to cakes. While Justice Anthony "Swing Vote"
Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Texas Case For Gay Spousal Benefits
The city of Houston’s appeal of a lower court ruling regarding the spousal benefits for gay married city employees was turned away by the U.S. Supreme Court on December 4. In June of this year, the Texas Supreme Court (nearly all Republicans) ruled to allow a lawsuit—brought by an assholic
Sentient Fart Alex Jones Compares Lesbians To Serial Killers
Ugh, Alex Jones keeps getting LGBTQ people mixed up with uncontrollable psychopaths, and honestly we’re so over it! In his latest rant, the sentient brain fart compared “so-called liberal lesbians” to serial killers who want nothing more than to cut out women’s brains and make them their heterosexual slaves. Jones
Trumps Deck The Halls With Mice, Ants, Tantrums
After the fucking horrible Senate debacle on Friday night into Saturday morning, in which all Rs—including McCain and Flake—removed their backbones to serve as shish kebobs to the lobbyists who wrote much of the tax bill, there is a little bit to laugh about. Not healthy, third-chakra cleaning guffaws, but
Cleric Urges Faithful To Bless Prince George With 'Fine Young Gentleman'
Comments from the Very Reverend Kelvin Holdsworth have created something of a sticky wicket within the Church of England. In a blog post on Thursday, the notable gay rights advocate encouraged Anglican Communion adherents to “pray in the privacy of their hearts (or in public if they dare) for the
Flynn Pleads Guilty To Lying To FBI, Promises 'Full Cooperation' With Probe
At this point, Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation of the Trump administration is like the climactic scene in Kill Bill where Uma Thurman takes on the Crazy 88 — except Mueller is Uma Thurman and his Crazy Badass Murder Sword is the Law. (We suppose in this scenario that Mueller’s version
Obama, Kimmel Commemorate World AIDS Day
Today, December 1 is World AIDS Day. In conjunction with Jimmy Kimmel Live, President Obama made videotaped statements to observe the day and motivate viewers to continue a vigilant fight against the disease. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoqYd39wkZs “This World AIDS Day, everyone has a role to play. Jimmy Kimmel’s not just a talk-show
Matt Lauer Fired: 'Today' Anchor Ousted Over 'Inappropriate Sexual Behavior'
Pompous Today show anchor Matt Lauer was fired on Wednesday due to “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.” A complaint alleging misconduct in 2014 was filed with NBC Monday night by an employee. A morning memo issued by NBC News chairman Andrew Lack states that this is the first complaint
Another Rebuke To Trump, Trans Military Enlistment Can Continue
President Orange Jello has more to complain about on Twitter, as a federal court has ordered the U.S. military to commence with accepting transgender individuals, effective January 1, 2018. This runs quite contrary to Jello’s regressive effort to ban trans people from the military. U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly had
Pauline Hanson Hasn't Met You, But She Hates You Anyway
Pauline Hanson, a far right Australian leader who looks like a shriveled up version of Rosalyn Harris, a random evil vampire from True Blood, has voiced concerns that same-sex marriage could lead to polygamy and even pedophilia. While 61.6% of Australians have indicated their support for same-sex marriage, Australia's Parliament
GOP Strategist Assails Huckabee Sanders' Daily 'Avalanche Of Horseshit'
The American people have been forced to accept a number of unfortunate realities in 2017, including the fact that Sarah Huckabee Sanders now descends every morning from her membranous ceiling pod to spout lies to the media and ensure her natural slime coating doesn't stick to the press room podium.
Mueller Might Have Just Flipped Flynn, D-Bag Son
Oh, Robert Mueller. He sniffs out collusion like the world's sexiest bloodhound. "How is Robert Mueller sexy," you ask? Well, honestly, there aren't many men who can make jowls sexy. But Robert Mueller is attempting to save our country and that automatically makes everything about him sexy. Thus, with the
Uma Thurman Teases Reckoning For Weinstein, 'Wicked Conspirators'
Just like her character in Kill Bill, Uma Thurman prefers to bide her time and strike her enemies at the most perfect, most devastating moment. On Thursday, she did just that with a savage Thanksgiving post on Instagram in which she called out Harvey Weinstein and his "wicked conspirators." Next
Dreamy Trudeau Sets Apology For Persecuted Canadian Gays
Living next to Canada is like a real-life version of the "Distracted Boyfriend" meme — you know, the one where the guy is walking with his girlfriend before he sees a hotter woman and ogles her. In our case, Trump is our (needy, hideously deformed) girlfriend and Justin Trudeau is
Bigmouth Strikes Again: Morrissey Defends Kevin Spacey
Stop me, oh, stop me, stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before. Morrissey has made inflammatory statements again. This time, regarding Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and one of his favorite targets, immigration, during an interview with German news site Spiegel Online. While promoting his new album
Pussy-Grabber-In-Chief Trolls Al Franken: Silent On Roy Moore, Himself
In a truly Frankensteinian display Thursday night, President Trump managed to combine stray, repulsive bits of anti-Semitism, cronyism, anti-SNL sentiment, and extreme hypocrisy into a grotesque monstrosity of a tweet about Senator Al Franken. After a woman earlier this week accused Franken of groping and kissing her without her consent,
Wedding Bells To Ring In January For Oldest Australian Same-Sex Couple
On Wednesday Australians, in a public opinion referendum, voted to endorse same-sex marriage by a margin of 62% to 38%. The voluntary mail ballot turnout was 79.5%. The vote of approval paves the way for parliament to pass legislation legalizing same-sex marriage, hopefully before the holidays. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball
Defying Trump, Pentagon Pays For Trans Soldier's Surgery
Despite Trumpcardiac’s tweetlings in August about the “disruption that transgender in the military” would cause, earlier this week the Department of Defense paid for gender-affirming surgery for a transgender active-duty infantry soldier. The service member previously fought in Afghanistan, and the procedure was approved by Vice Admiral Raquel Bono of
STFU! Neo Nazi Richard Spencer And Others Lose Twitter Verification
It seems that at some point between helping Donald Trump get elected and helping him destroy democracy, Twitter realized it has a certain amount of political influence. On Wednesday, the social media platform removed its blue "verification" checkmark from the profiles of white nationalists such as Human Punching Bag Richard
'Gay Times' Editor Fired Over Racist, Misogynist Tweets
In an attempt to rectify the lack of diversity in LGBTQ publishing, Gay Times hired a new editor, Josh Rivers, a British-American person of color, an action that would seem to be a big shift for Britain’s oldest gay magazine and the white-dominated gay media establishment in general. Of course,
Conservative Oklahoma District Elects Out, Married Lesbian
Conservative Oklahoma said ‘OK’ (as in the abbreviation for “Oklahoma”) to Democrat and out lesbian in a same-sex marriage, Allison Ikley-Freeman. In an historic win, and continuing a promising trend for Democratic candidates, Ikley-Freeman has been elected to the Oklahoma Senate, which Republicans have dominated for years.   While Ikley-Freeman’s
Thumbs Up For Marriage Equality Down Under: Australians Says 'I Do'
The land Down-Under has given a huge thumbs-up to marriage equality! In an historic (and controversial) mail-in vote, over 12.7 million Australians, nearly 80 percent of those eligible voted and a whopping 61.6 percent have voted ‘YES’ to have Australia join every other western country in legalizing gay marriage. The
Out Obama-Era Ambassador Rufus Gifford Wants Your Vote
President Trump's ongoing shitting of the national bed is continuing to inspire queer people across the country to run for office. Rufus Gifford, a former Obama-era ambassador to Denmark and current gay daddy, is angling to be the Democratic nominee for Massachusetts' 3rd congressional district in the U.S. House. Gifford
Revisiting Julius', Site Of Pre-Stonewall 'Sip-In'
The oldest gay bar in New York City, Julius’, is also the site of a groundbreaking “Sip-in” protest in 1966 that succeeded in ending the law banning gays from bars, three years before Stonewall. Dick Leitsch was one of three gay men who bravely staged the “Sip-in.” He met with
Minneapolis Elects Two Trans City Council Members
Flagrant previously mentioned that Minneapolis was sophisticated enough to elect Andrea Jenkins, a transgender person of color, to their city council to represent Ward 8 on November 7, a day that proved inclusiveness is not yet dead in our nation. Several races around the country boded well for progressives and
'Unfit For Office,' Romney Tells Moore To Quit Senate Race
Since when did Mitt Romney become the voice of reason in the Republican party? In August, he issued a withering rebuke of President Trump's response to the Charlottesville riots, and now, he's the only prominent member of the party who is unequivocally calling for Roy Moore's resignation from politics. You
Danica Roem: Trans Metalhead, Stepmom, State Representative
We are in awe of Danica Roem! The first openly transgender state official in U.S. history has a fascinating life story. In addition to being a journalist (a seven-time Virginia Press Association award winner) prior to winning a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates and defeating Republican incumbent Robert
Palm Springs Elects 100% LGBTQ Council
Anti-Trump folks had a breath of fresh oxygen after Tuesday’s election night, with Democrats dominating the wins and some historical LGBTQ victories throughout the nation. The city of Palm Springs, too, had a contest, with voters electing Lisa Middleton, a transgender woman, and Christy Holstege, a millennial woman identifying as
Election Results Ride a Blue Wave, Flipping Both Birds Toward Trump
Tuesday night’s election results were a big surprise, not just because there were Democrat gubernatorial winners in Virginia and New Jersey. Expectations were hopeful, but returns proved a wide victory margin. Philip Murphy won the New Jersey race by 13.3 percentage points. Chris Christie is over. In Virginia, pediatrician Ralph
Trans Woman And Democrats Win, Yuge Rebuke To Trump Agenda
In an historic win, a transgender woman unseated a conservative extremist, while two other Democrats captured governorships in New Jersey and Virginia. Election results were a stunning rebuke to Trump and his yugely unpopular presidency. Democrat Danica Roem beat Republican incumbent Bob Marshall, making history by becoming America’s first openly
Twitter Works To Resolve Blocked 'Bisexual' Searches
For every one good thing Twitter has done for our country, it has also helped Donald Trump get elected. Sure, a rogue Twitter employee helped silence the Dumpster for a beautiful eleven minutes last week, but Twitter also allowed Russian hackers to spread inflammatory fake scandals about liberals in the
35 Days After Las Vegas, Another Mass Shooting In America
Sunday, November 5, 2017, 11:30 a.m., Devin Patrick Kelley walked up to the front of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and shot at the building. He then entered the house of worship and began shooting and killing at least 26 churchgoers, injuring dozens of others who have
George Bush Sr Voted For Hillary, Calls Trump 'Blowhard'
You know we're living in an alternate universe when even President George Dubya, one of our worst presidents evah, starts complaining about our current administration. In a new book, titled The Last Republicans, historian Mark Updegrove gave a platform for former Presidents George H.W. Bush and his son to very
Rogue Twitter Employee Deletes Trump Account, World Rejoices
Joining the likes of American heroes like Abraham Lincoln, Norma Rae, and that JetBlue flight attendant who quit his job by sliding down the airplane's evacuation chute, a rogue Twitter employee is now being hailed as our country's lord and savior. The employee, who has not released her or his
Russia Backed Social Media Ads Stoked 'Cultural Tensions Among Voters'
So much shit is hitting the fan, and it is just barely a year since the old man with tiny orange hands won the Electoral College, the prize being a four-year stay with his current family at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. How Trump managed to get elected, despite the fact he
Under Russian Probe Scrutiny, Homophobic Nutjob Clovis Withdraws USDA Nomination
Climate-change-denying goblin and anti-LGBTQ nutjob Sam Clovis on Thursday withdrew his name for consideration to be chief scientist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This development is fallout from recently unsealed court documents that are part of the ongoing investigation being conducted by Robert Mueller into Russian interference in the
Mueller's Russian Investigation Announces Manafort Indictment
Special Counsel Robert Mueller is about to take out the trash - and the Dumpster, too? President Trump's former campaign chairman (and bad facelift spokesmodel) Paul Manafort was indicted today on charges that he funneled millions of dollars through overseas shell companies and used the money to buy real estate
Late Night Hosts Mock Trump's 'Standing O's,' 'Love Fest'
“There’s always a funny man in the game But he’s only funny by mistake Ev’ryone laughs at him, just the same They don’t see his lonely heart break” Young and old hepcats can enjoy and interpret the poignant lyrics of "The Joker" by Sir Anthony Newley, but in this state
Senators Pound "Reckless, Undignified" Trump
Unlike Princess Ivanka, GOP Senator Jeff Flake (AZ) will not be complicit in fueling the runaway train crashing through the Capitol. Following Senator Bob Corker, Flake yesterday announced he will not seek re-election for his Senate seat. Realistically, Flake would have faced a tough Republican primary battle next August against
Republican Rep Betty Price Suggests "Quarantine" For HIV Patients
There are a lot of Americans who should be quarantined — for example, white supremacists and whoever greenlit The Snowman — but HIV patients are not among them. However, Georgia state representative Betty Price (R, obvi) seems to think otherwise. The former wife of Trump's disgraced Secretary of Health and
Right Wing Nut Alex Jones Reads The Drag Queens That Read To Kids
The perpetually red-faced Alex Jones has never been known for his restraint or subtlety, but the InfoWars host has now gone Full Tomato in a rant about drag queens. In response to the success of “Drag Queen Story Hour” in New York City and San Francisco (it’s exactly how it
Will Roseanne's Trump Love Sink Reboot?
When Roseanne Barr first learned that her eponymous sitcom would be renewed in the wake of the 2016 election, she reportedly said, "As soon as I saw the election results, I knew we'd be back." Earlier this week, Roseanne confirmed she not only voted for Trump, but she praised his
Celebs Join The Call To Stop Gun Lobby Influence: #RejectTheNRA
Everytown is a gun safety advocacy nonprofit group that has launched a PSA video to engage all citizens to work toward sensible gun control. After the October 1 mass shooting in Las Vegas, a groundswell of fed-up celebrities signed on to promote Everytown’s mission. Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Adam Scott,
Hollywood Announces First-Ever International Call for Transgender Actors
Hollywood's history of casting cis actors in trans roles extends back to the very first days of the industry. As trans individuals have become more visible and less vilified, the trend has grown increasingly problematic. Prestige movies and frothy teen soaps are equally culpable of denying opportunities for trans actors,
Trump Jokes Pence 'Wants To Hang' The Gays
One of the cardinal rules of character development — whether in writing or in life — is to "show, not tell." Instead of outright calling your protagonist a dick, you show him blowing off a waiter. Instead of saying outright that you want to "hang the gays," you just take
Trump Attacks Healthcare, LGBTQ Rights, Iran
Trump managed to out-Trump himself this past week with a multi-level attack on our healthcare, peace of mind, and right to be queer. As a wake-up call to pretty much any loser who thought Trump was a friend of the gays, Trump gave a speech to an actual anti-LGBTQ hate
Auntie Maxine Waters Slays HUD Dud Ben Carson
Rep. Maxine Waters of course scored some message points when slow brain Ben Carson—who is a physician and the current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (appointed by former Republican debate rival slumlord Donald Trump)—testified before her committee earlier this week. Ms. Waters used her valuable time to highlight the
Harvey Weinstein Is Also A Homophobic Pig
A new anecdote from Cara Delevingne reveals that, at some point, Harvey Weinstein decided that abusing and harassing countless women wasn’t enough. As of today, that list has grown to include: Kate Beckinsale, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Lea Seydoux, Rosanna Arquette, Mira Sorvino and many others. Harvey also needed to
Trump To Speak At LGBTQ Hate Group Rally
A thrice-married adulterer and a boastful pussy grabber is speaking at the Values Voters Summit sponsored by a conservative Christian group that works to “advance family, faith, and freedom.” As Alanis Morissette once sang, isn’t it ironic? In addition to its violent, persistent attacks on trans people, the Trump administration
Eminem Obliterates Trump At BET Awards
Eminem didn't just burn Trump at the BET Hip Hop Awards Tuesday — he incinerated him. But not before slapping him around, chopping him into tiny pieces, and skewering him on a series of kabobs shaped like Melania. The Emmy-winning rapper dropped a crispy, five minute freestyle rap video lashing
Giving Zero F#&ks, Repub Senator Corker Calls Out Trump's Recklessness
It seems like at least one Republican is putting aside party allegiances to make comments about the elephant in the White House. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee intellectually won the war of tweeted words that went viral over the weekend. He was retorting, of course, to President Everlasting Naysayer. Corker,
Former VP Joe Biden Warns Of Trump's 'Dark Path'
On Thursday, 47th Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden was presented with the Zbigniew Brzezinski annual prize at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank in Washington D.C. During the award ceremony, Biden gave a barn-burning speech in which he eloquently derided the current administration. With the
AG/POS Jeff Sessions Is Obsessed With Dismantling Trans Rights
Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has been surprisingly active for a fossilized piece of shit. Most fossilized pieces of shit wouldn't have gotten nearly as much done as Jeff Sessions has in the last nine months. In fact, Jeff Sessions has actually gotten more done in the last nine
Mississippi Goddam: State To Enact Aggro Anti-LGBT Law Friday
If you ever find yourself having a good day or thinking that history is beginning to favor progress, you can always count on Mississippi to prove you wrong. On Wednesday, Mississippi's 5th Court of Appeals rejected a demand to rehear a challenge to HB 1523 as a full court. That
U.S. Votes With Iraq, Others For LGTBQ Death Penalty
Because the Trump administration hasn't already made it clear enough that it holds almost the entire human race in disdain, Trump's pick for U.N. Ambassador, Nikki Haley, has voted against a resolution that would make it more difficult to impose a death penalty on homosexuals and adulterers. “The question of
Post Vegas Massacre, Jimmy Kimmel And Others Ask 'When?'
Following the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas Sunday night — the deadliest in modern U.S. history — late night hosts have led the charge in igniting a national conversation about gun control. The massacre left at least 59 people dead and 527 injured after Stephen Paddock opened fire on
Patricia Arquette On Activism And Late Sibling Alexis
Patricia Arquette even had the regal Meryl Streep clapping and cheering at the 2015 Oscars when she dedicated her Best Supporting Actress to "every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation," and declared that "it's our time to have wage equality once and for all,
Another American Tragedy: 58 Assassinated At Las Vegas Concert
Sunday night just after 10:00 p.m. in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, a gunman opened fire on a crowd of 22,000 attendees, killing at least 58, injuring more than 500. Suspect Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old white male, shot at concert-goers from a 32nd floor room in the
Same Sex Marriages Begin Today In Germany
Heil Homos! The first queer marriages have finally taken place in Germany, just three months after the country legalized same-sex marriage. While the country has allowed same-sex couples to engage in registered partnerships since 2001, this is a giant step forward for queer rights in Deutschland. Karl Kreile and Bodo
Trumpocalypse 2017: Puerto Rico Edition
Aaaaaaah. One feels so fortunate to have a bathroom with a door and to have access to food. Such a feeling of contentment soon dissolves when plugging back in on Saturday afternoon to see that Puerto Rico and the citizens suffering there probably do not have a bathroom or a
'Megyn Kelly Today': First Week A Literal 'Sh*t' Show
Megyn Kelly may have gained a reputation in the past year for being slightly more progressive than her former Fox News brethren, but the bulk of us are never going to forget the racist and borderline-homophobic arguments that she regularly spewed from her conservative post there. It's not a stretch
Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore Is THE Worst
Alabama's new Republican Senate candidate, Roy Moore, is a gun-toting, horse-riding, cowboy hat-wearing homophobic racist, and — surprise — our President is a fan of his. While Trump didn't initially support the former judge in the recent Alabama Republican primary, he has now come out in favor of Moore over
DOJ Schemes To Allow Workplace LGBTQ Discrimination
For dark, twisted reasons, the Department of Justice—headed by ethically challenged Trump appointee, Mrs. Beasley doppleganger/Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III—are seeking a super strict reading of the Title VII provision in the 1964 Civil Rights Act, in order to allow workplace discrimination of LGBTQ-identifying people. Department of Justice Attorney
The Satanic Temple Majestically Requests Cake For LGBTQ Couples
When David Mullins and Charlie Craig went to order a cake for their wedding in 2012, they were refused service by bigot Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado. Phillips cited his religious beliefs could not allow him to make a cake celebrating a same-sex marriage, prompting the
Trump Distracted, Disinterested In Puerto Rico Devastation
We know the ineptitude of the POTUS, but it’s still embarrassing to see the press outside the U.S. notice it. The BBC reported on the big picture from this past weekend, which hinged on #TrumpTowerSlumlord tweeting up a storm, attacking a large block of African-American professional athletes who themselves have
Trump Versus Kaepernick, NFL, North Korea And Sanity
How is everyone's Saturday going so far? Did you get all your errands done? Did you do some laundry and maybe also some light research on your local fallout shelter? Did you restock on kitchen supplies and also maybe perishable goods in case you have to permanently move your family
Anderson Cooper Is Not Having Professional Liar Sean Spicer
TV personalities like Stephen Colbert and James Corden might be willing to cut Sean Spicer some slack, but CNN host Anderson Cooper has not forgotten what this former Easter Bunny impersonator and hedge enthusiast did to our country. https://giphy.com/gifs/bushes-spicer-correction-1qTElE36eXwqI Coop came out immediately fighting dirty in his response to a
Trump Judicial Nom Mateer, Trans Kids Are Part Of 'Satan's Plan'
Today in "Revelations That Don't Surprise You": One of President Donald Trump's recent picks for federal judgeship is rabidly anti-LGBTQ. As CNN reported Wednesday, Jeff Mateer of Texas not only supports conversion therapy but has accused trans children of being part of "Satan's plan." Mateer previously served as general counsel
Gender Fluid Artists Emerge In New Museum's 'Trigger'
In the face of the oppression the Trumpians of the world are trying to force upon the LGBTQ community, an important exhibition is opening on September 27 at the New Museum in New York City. “Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon,” curated by Johanna Burton, will be “the
Burning Caps And Burning Bridges, Trump Angers Allies And Enemies Alike
Former Trump supporters are so butthurt that the Opportunist-in-Chief has ditched them for new BFFs Chuck and Nancy, they are indulging their arsonist tendencies by burning their Make America Great Again hats and matching apparel. Scores of proud deplorables are tweeting photos of their singed red baseball hats, while others
Pelosi And Schumer Reach DACA Deal With Trump... Or Do They?
Trumpenkloppen had dinner last night with Chuck and Nancy. CNN reports they enjoyed Chinese food and chocolate pie for dessert. Earlier in the week, Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi pulled off something of a soft coup by striking up a fair-weather friendship with Trump and making a fiscal
Edith Windsor, "The Godmother Of Marriage Equality" Has Died
Edith Windsor, the person who is most directly responsible for dismantling the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and the ensuing legalization of same-sex marriage, passed away today at age 88. Windsor and her partner Thea Spyer were together for 40 years. They started dating in 1965, and in 1967 Spyer
Bipartisan Amendment Seeks To Reverse Trump's Military Trans Ban
An amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has been proposed in an attempt to reverse the military transgender ban recently put into motion via imbecilic busywork of knee-jerk POTUS tweets. Senator Susan Collins (R ME) and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D NY) introduced the amendment on Monday, and it
New Study Claims Artificial Intelligence Beats Gaydar
A recent study from Stanford University claims that facial-detection artificial intelligence (AI) software has been credited with correctly differentiating between gay and straight male faces 81% of the time, and 74% for women, resulting in fierce backlash from LGBTQ rights groups, who fear this kind of technology could be used
Trump Justice Department Sides With Anti-Gay Bakery
Trump’s Department of Justice, led by perjurer Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, has filed a friend-of-the-court brief, siding with a Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, saying it would violate his religious beliefs. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear the case later this
German Drag Queens Go To War Against Neo Nazis
The German federal election will be held on September 24, 2017, in which new members of the Bundestag or German Parliament will be chosen. The new Bundestag majority will then elect a Chancellor who will then form a new government. The current Chancellor is Angela Merkel, who thankfully has provided
Don Lemon Is Getting A Prestigious Award For Shutting Down Trump Surrogates
If you've been watching Don Lemon (and if you haven't, you should be), you already know that he does not suffer fools. The out CNN anchor doesn't hesitate to call b.s. when hosting a panel and one of 45's surrogates pivots or tells an outright fib, which could easily become a
Canada Grants Asylum To Gays Persecuted In Chechnya
In contrast to the present spastic colon-afflicted, stingy, xenophobic U.S. government, Canada has been quietly engaged in a program transferring persecuted Chechen gay men from safe houses in Russia to Canadian soil for the last three months. Conservative Islamic Chechnya is a semi-autonomous republic within Russia, and is currently in
Obama, CEOs and Celebs Slam Trump's 'Cruel' DACA Decision
Former President Obama took to Facebook today to bash the Trump Administration's decision to rescind the immigration order shielding children of undocumented immigrants from deportation, calling the move "cruel" and "self-defeating." "To target these young people is wrong -- because they have done nothing wrong. It is self-defeating -- because
Nightmare President Ends 'Dreamers' Hope, DACA Passed To Congress
Trump has not ever had to truly feel the impact and consequences of his erratic and failed business endeavors. He cares not one iota for all the folks he’s cheated out of money. His very public playboy days being photographed at Studio 54 and other NYC nightspots looking for models
Trump's Diplomacy By Tweets Escalates North & South Korea Tension
The ineptitude is becoming more obvious, if that is possible. Our so-called business dynamo president yesterday confirmed that North Korea had conducted a nuclear test, this time without his usual playground taunts toward Kim Jong-un. He tweeted criticism at China and South Korea for not doing more to reel in
McCain Burns Trump: 'We Don't Answer To Him'
In the 2008 election season, disdain for Senator John McCain (R AZ) was plenty, mostly for bringing toxic snowbilly grifter Sarah Palin, then governor of Alaska, into his fold as his running mate. Flagrant readers more than likely would not often align themselves with the cantankerous Republican, but his sane
LGBTQ-Phobic Evangelical Christian 'Nashville Statement' Condemned
Earlier this week, a document called the “Nashville Statement” was released by the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW), and signed by a garbage load of over 150 huckster zealots.  Many evangelical “leaders” on the list attached fishy-sounding credentials like “Co-founder, Pure Freedom” (an organization that could easily be
Size Queen Trump Tours Flood Ravaged Texas, Praises Crowd Numbers
We’ve known for months that Trump is obsessed with size. Penis size. Border wall size. Crowd size. Maybe it’s overcompensation for his baby-sized hands. He’s been ridiculed for that since Spy Magazine reigned in the ‘80s, where he was routinely referred to as, “a short-fingered vulgarian.” While touring the flood
Hurricane Donnie: Unnatural Disaster Pummels Nation
Unnatural disaster Hurricane Donnie made landfall earlier this weekend and wreaked massive destruction in its wake. A nation preoccupied with a tropical storm bearing down on the Gulf Coast was caught off guard by the one that had been brewing in the Oval Office for months. Hurricane Donnie had gathered
Barbra, Bette, Cher Find New Common Ground: Disgust With Trump
Barbra Streisand. Bette Midler. Cher. Sure, they're all diva entertainers of a certain age but listing the specific qualities shared by these three gay faves would require an essay the length of an encyclopedia. Our favorite is easy, however. It's the intense disgust they feel toward our current president, each
India's Supreme Court Rules Sexual Orientation Is Protected Right
Earlier this week, India’s Supreme Court made a historic declaration that a person’s sexual orientation is protected by India’s Right to Privacy law. Therefore, the country’s LGBTQ citizens are now free to openly express their sexual orientation. The decision reads: “Sexual orientation is an essential attribute of privacy,” the decision
Senator, Veteran Tammy Duckworth Assails Trump's Trans Ban
Yesterday, President Archie Bunker—who somehow avoided the draft—seems to have moved beyond his tweet threatening to ban transgender individuals from the U.S. military. It has been reported official White House instructions have been sent to the Department of Defense to remove transgender members from the military, and to the Pentagon
Trump's Military Trans Ban Guidelines Expected Soon
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the White House is expected to send 'guidance in the coming days,' to the Pentagon for barring transgender soldiers from serving in the military.  Under the new policy, transgender people would be banned from enlisting in the military.  According to NPR, the new
State Department Envoy Resigns With Not-Too-Subtle Hidden Message
This morning the U.S. State Department’s science envoy Professor Daniel Kammen tweeted out—the official way to conduct federal government business now, thanks to who?—his resignation to Trump. Coincidentally, as several retweeters have noticed, the first letters of each paragraph spell IMPEACH. Interestingly, last week the entire Committee on the Arts
Don Lemon Calls Trump 'Embarrassing,' 'Small, 'Unhinged'
Following President Trump's attempt to gaslight the nation with a fact-revising speech at what was essentially a campaign rally in Phoenix last night, countless people offered their takes on the horrifying assault on our ears and brains. Veteran newsman Dan Rather lamented 45's attempt to "create an alternate reality." Phoenix
Trump Slams 'Dishonest Media,' Insinuates Arpaio Pardon At Phoenix Rally
After a bruising week for Donald Trump's administration and ego, the president appeared at a rally at the Phoenix Convention Center. The president used the campaign-style event to bash the “dishonest media" and to prop-up his conservative base after last week's controversial Charlottesville statements. His current approval rate hovers near
Trump Nominee: Same-Sex Marriage 'Could Lead To Legalization Of Pedophilia'
Once one rock is overturned and thrown to the side, we see other stuff crawling around. Trump’s pick for Department of Agriculture’s Chief SCIENTIST is a real pip. Sam Clovis—a conservative who has spent time as talk show host, political activist, and candidate for U.S. Senate in Iowa—has no scientific
Insane In The Membrane: Representative Introduces Bill Requiring Trump To Undergo Evaluation
It’s been rumored that Alexander Haig, President Richard Nixon’s Chief of Staff from 1973 to 1974, closely guarded the nuclear weapons launch codes while Tricky Dick was drinking heavily and talking to portraits through the White House halls. More officially, Haig is credited with persuading Nixon, then embroiled in the
Trump's Entire Arts And Humanities Panel Quits In Protest
Drop the mic, check the gate, house lights up and everybody out. Did Trump’s entire Arts and Humanities panel just quit? You bet your multicultural ass they did. Hey Donald, the people you are insulting are standing right here. Your presidential advisory committees are made up of American human beings
Bugger Off! A 'Straight Lives Matter' Rally Is Happening In Australia
(Editor's Note: We had zero interest in seeing more pasty, angry-faced protestors this week so we've decided to use a pic from Priscilla to kick off this article.) In anticipation of Australia's postal vote on same-sex marriage equality, the anti-marriage-equality group Party of Freedom will hold a "Straight Lives Matter,"
White Nationalist Bannon Out As White House Chaos Escalates
Donald Trump's embattled chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, is out of the White House as of today. Bannon, who is credited with helping Trump snag the alt-right voting base and the presidency, will likely return to the on-line hard right new organization that made him famous, Breitbart.com. Bannon was instrumental in
Heather Heyer's Mom Will Not Meet With Trump
At the advent of his horrible presidency, Donald Trump used his tiny hand to push Prime Minister Dusko Markovic of Montenegro, out of the way. During a joint meeting at NATO in Brussels in May 2017 attended by various world leaders, most of the heads of state all walked in
Dancing And Doggie Doo To Counter SF Alt-Right Rally
San Franciscans are planning to counter an “alt-right” protest with dancing and dog poop. A right-wing group called Patriot Prayer is planning a “Freedom Rally” on August 26 at Crissy Field. In response, counter-protesters are using social media to organize at least two separate actions against what they perceive as
Civic-Minded Celebs Lash Out At Trump's Inadequate Response To Charlottesville
When President Trump offered his initial statement about the tragedy that occurred during a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia which left three dead last weekend, many people felt it was weak, to use one of 45's favorite words, particularly because he said there were "many sides" to blame. A
Trump's White House Of Cards Continues To Collapse
The fallout continues against President Trump for his equivocation of “alt-left” protesters with white nationalists for inciting racially motivated violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. Trump was forced to disband two of his economic advisory councils after a mass exodus of CEOs in the wake of his incendiary comments made Tuesday at
Anti Trans Bathroom Bill Dies In Texas
Finally, some good news. Texas Senate Bill 3, the so-called bathroom bill, which LGBTQ rights advocates and major Texas companies like American Airlines and AT&T had opposed, failed to make it out of the House yesterday, the final day of the state’s special legislative session. The bill is effectively dead.
White Supremacist Leaders Aren't Buying Trump's Apology
Richard Spencer and David Duke, prominent leaders of the white supremacists movement, have lashed out at Trump's caving to pressure and condemning extremist groups by name - including neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan - for the deadly weekend protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. Richard Spencer, the 39-year-old white nationalist leader attempted
White Nationalist Poster Boy Explains How He Self-Identifies
There are countless well-researched studies that offer evidence into the connection between virulent homophobia and closeted gay men. In completely somewhat unrelated other news, Peter Cvjetanovic, the young  University of Nevada, Reno student, whose photo went viral over the weekend when he was photographed holding a Pier One tiki torch and
Thousands Protest President Outside Trump Tower
An increasingly unpopular man, especially in the fairly progressive bastion of Manhattan, returned to his hometown yesterday for the first time since his inauguration in January. He was greeted by thousands of outraged protesters, assembled outside his gilded 5th Avenue fortress. An inflatable caricature of him as a giant rat,
Trump's Amerikkkan Promise Fulfilled: Make America Hate Again
Emboldened by Trump’s electoral college victory, racists can now remove their white hoods and march in broad daylight, like they did yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia. Ku Klux Klan members and neo-Nazis staged a “Unite the Right” demonstration over the removal of a Confederate monument and were met with counter-protesters, estimated
Keith Haring Berlin Wall Mural Rises Again
Unearthing rare photos and videos, Dangerous Minds has given new life to the mural American artist and AIDS activist Keith Haring painted on the Berlin wall on October 23, 1986. The event was both potentially risky and well publicized. Painting the mural was a highly provocative political statement, but this
Fearless Leader Demands Folder Of Flattering News
According to Vice News, three current and former White House officials have revealed that Trump gets two servings a day of what is being called the “propaganda document.”  The doc is 20-25 pages long and contains only favorable and positive cable news chyrons, admiring tweets, transcripts of fawning TV interviews,
Captain Planet Joins The Fight For Marriage Equality Down Under
With a single Facebook post, Captain Planet, the muscle-bound animated ‘90s superhero/eco-warrior, has come out in favor of a 'Yes' vote for same-sex marriage in Australia.   The vote is scheduled for August 24, and the "yes" campaign is pulling out all the stops to bring equality to Australia. Captain
Is Trump's Phony Policy Advisor Gorka A Neo-Nazi?
Amid all the oral diarrhea Trump is spewing right now, like continued taunts toward North Korea, there is an administration deputy assistant advisor whose advisory role is somewhat vague. The subject of a recent Rolling Stone profile, Sebastian Gorka, is a scary fringe figure who somehow wriggled his way (with
Chelsea Manning Hits The Beach With Vogue And Annie Leibovitz
Chelsea Manning is profiled in the September issue of Vogue magazine! Resplendent in a red swimsuit with the beach as majestic backdrop, she beams and inspires in a Twitter-shared photo by Annie Leibovitz. About the image, Manning wrote, “Guess this is what freedom looks like.” Manning, a former Army intelligence
Trans Rights Groups Sue Trump Over Military Ban
LGBTQ rights groups have begun a legal tactical plan to go to war with the president over his Twitter threat to ban all transgender service members from the US military. The first strike came today when two groups filed a lawsuit against the president on behalf of five anonymous transgender
Gay Billionaire Peter Thiel Cruising Away From Trump
Peter Thiel, gay billionaire co-founder of PayPal and early Facebook investor, was also a passionate supporter of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. The tech titan famously spoke at the Republican National Convention, telling the audience, who had just cheered the passage of a staunchly anti-LGBTQ platform, "I am
NRA Takes Aim At New Target, The Media
With Obama out of the White House, and Hillary Clinton denied entry, the National Rifle Association needed a new boogeyman/woman to keep memberships up. Democratic presidents and candidates are fantastic triggers for the NRA and their petrified pistol-packing members. But what happens when a tiny-handed, gun-loving Republican wins the presidency?
Did The NRA Really Threaten To Fist The New York Times?
Apparently gun owners have fetishes, too. In a completely revolting, violence-condoning ad for the National Rifle Association (NRA, for people unfamiliar with this misguided organization), a former conservative radio host/internet trolll named Dana Loesch looks directly into the camera and tells the New York Times she wants to (this is open to
Caitlyn Jenner Offers Lame Excuse For Wearing Trump Cap
Caitlyn Jenner is in hot water with the LGBTQ communities once again. Don't get us wrong. We respect her journey, of course. Still, she's got some issues. The 67-year-old Republican trans reality star first earned the ire of her trans brothers and sisters for her logic-defying support of Trump during
Groundbreaking TV Icon Norman Lear Turns Down Trump Honor
With his sitcoms like All in the Family, Maude, Good Times and The Jeffersons, Norman Lear not only ruled the TV airwaves in the 1970s, he also helped change the way a lot of people think. For instance, Maude Findlay, played indelibly by Bea Arthur, shocked America by becoming pregnant
J. Edgar Hoover's Notorious 1950s "Gay Purge" Documents To Be Released
Historical records of J. Edgar Hoover's “purge” of gay and lesbian federal employees by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) must be located and released, according to a ruling issued by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia last week. These historic documents pertain to then-President Dwight Eisenhower’s Executive
Maxine Waters Gets The Gospel And Dance Anthems She Deserves
Self-described strong black woman Maxine Waters is many, many things. The 78-year-old Congresswoman from California is first and foremost a very outspoken critic of the current president and she's a fearless politician who does not suffer fools nor does she allow mere mortals to waste her time. Take, for instance,
Trump's Mini Me Anthony Scaramucci Out As Communications Director
The Mooch is out! Anthony Scaramucci, the often unbridled White House communications director, has been escorted from the building 10 days into his job. We've all had bad weeks from time to time, but Scaramucci's short tenure has been an epic disaster. Within that period The Mooch gave one of
Trans Doctor Vows To Offer Free Surgery To Trans Military Personnel
The president's decision to ban transgender people from serving in the military may not have taken effect, but heroes are already emerging to do their part if it ever should. Dr. Christine McGinn, a former Navy surgeon and herself a trans woman, has offered to perform gender-confirming surgeries at no cost
Michelle Obama On Rising Above Bigotry And Sexism In The White House
In a very candid speech, Michelle Obama revealed how deeply she was hurt by the racist and sexist vitriol she experienced during her eight years in the White House. The former first lady admitted to a packed crowd that while enduring the hateful bigotry, "the shards that cut me deepest
Military Trans Policy Unchanged For Now
Trump’s ban on trans people serving in the military took most of the world by complete surprise, among them, many of the "Generals and military experts" he claimed to have consulted prior to his governing-by-tweet dick move Wednesday morning. Reuter's news service claims an anonymous source said the tweets were
Attorney General Sessions Moves To Allow LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination
Attorney General Jeff Sessions used the Department of Justice to file a brief in favor of allowing companies to fire LGBTQ+ employees because of their sexual orientation. The DOJ brief argues that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act does not cover sexual orientation as a category protected from workplace
Listen As Sandra Bernhard Annihilates The President
Life lesson number one: Never piss off Sandra Bernhard. As fans know, the lady is not one to keep her big mouth shut and she has had it up to herrrrre with President Donald J. Trump with his awful Boy Scouts speech and ban on transgender folks serving in the
Trump Bans Trans From Serving Their Country
A president who claimed to be “friend of the gays” while on the campaign trail has proven to be our worst nightmare. In early morning tweets, Trump said he is barring transgender people from serving in the military “in any capacity.” Trump’s announcement drew angry responses from groups that represent
Ailing Trump Punching Bag John McCain Casts Vote To Repeal ACA
The 80 year old Senator left his hospital bed to take a 5 hour flight to Washington and cast his vote to begin debate on repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The vote was crucial as it gave Republicans 50 'yes' votes against 50 'no' votes, which included two Republican senators.
LGBTQ Volunteer Army Takes Up Fight Against ISIS
The war in Syria against the Islamic State Military group (ISIS) has now gone on for three years.   In that time, the extremist Jihadi group has released horrifying images of brutality against gays in Syria: stonings, hangings, firing squads and men thrown from the top of building to their deaths.
President Stuns Nation With Rambling Boy Scouts Rant
The president's speech at the annual Boy Scout Jamboree has a long history of focusing on community service and unity. Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump stood in front of tens of thousands of boys and their troop leaders in West Virginia and gave them 38 minutes of jarring, rambling political and personal
Marriage Equality Signed Into German Law
Berlin Pride revellers had even more reason to celebrate this week as President Frank-Walter Steinmeier signed legislation that finally legalizes same-sex marriage in Germany. With the president's signature, the legislation is expected to become the law of the land on October 1. Until now only civil partnerships were available, which
Girl, Urine Danger! Stephen Colbert Investigates Alleged Russian Leak
The Fake News Liberal Mediocracy just can’t seem to hold it in. The unshakable coverage on the data dump known as the Steele Dossier remains a warm and steady stream that dogs Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia. Though downplayed when news of former British Intelligence Officer Christopher Steele’s
Maddow Places Attorney General On Resignation Watch After Trump Tantrum
Rachel Maddow has placed Attorney General Jeff Sessions on “resignation watch” after President Trump stated to the The New York Times that he wouldn't have hired him [Session] if he knew he was going to recuse himself from the Russian investigation. Before the run-up to the election, during early campaigning
Devil In America: Tony Kushner To Address Trump In Next Play
In a frank interview with The Daily Beast, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tony Kushner discussed his plan to write a play about Donald Trump, aging, coming out, the 1980's and his life in Provincetown with husband Mark Harris.   As a playwright, Tony Kushner is best known for his masterpiece Angels
From Mr. Leather To The Honorable Governor Of Texas?
DallasVoice.com reports that businessman and former Mr. International Leather Jeffery Payne has announced that he is running for governor of Texas, challenging Republican incumbent Greg Abbott, who he characterizes as a “disaster for Texans” and a governor who “offers nothing in the way of new ideas.” “Texas needs a governor
Former House Speaker, Admitted Child Molester Leaves Prison Early
Released two months early from a 15 month sentence for money laundering to cover up the sexual abuse of teenage boys, disgraced former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was moved from a federal prison hospital into a halfway house to serve the remainder of his stint. The money laundering came to
Pastor Pulls Out Of Performing Same-Sex Weddings
A prominent American Christian author and retired pastor stated that after, "reflection and prayer," he was taking back his statement from one day earlier in support of performing same-sex weddings. Pastor Eugene Peterson plunged the knife even deeper into the collective LGBTQ Christian community's back by saying, "frankly, I hope
MTV Trumps White House As #EyesOnChechnya Goes Viral
It’s no secret the current White House resident doesn’t care much about the LGBTQ community. He was too busy golfing and dodging questions regarding his scandal-plagued administration to address Pride Month. If he doesn’t even care about the tax paying community he sure as hell isn’t going to care about
AG Sessions Plots With Hate Group For Next Attack On LGBTQ Rights
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has vowed that a how-to-discriminate legal guide is coming soon. Right-wing news site The Federalist has published a transcript of a secretive speech given off camera by Sessions in which he confirms that President Trump has '"directed me to issue guidance on how to apply religious
HRC Goes On The Offensive Against Trump And His Allies
The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest gay advocacy organization in the US, is set to launch its largest grassroots movement ever to counter the rising assault on LGBTQ rights under the Trump administration. With an investment of $26 million and a hefty increase in staff, the HRC has announced
Marriage Equality Threatened By States, Possible Supreme Retirement
Dear Supremes, Stop, in the name of love. Marriage equality could be in jeopardy if Justice Kennedy retires next Summer. On June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld their original Obergefell v. Hodges decision granting same sex couples the right to marriage, including the right to all benefits and privileges
Transphobe Appointed To Lead Gender Equality Post
One cannot be surprised anymore by the Trump administration’s incredibly tone-deaf staffing choices. The new senior adviser for Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in the US Agency for International Development, Bethany Kozma is infamous for leading a campaign against the Obama administration’s school guidance which allowed transgender students to use
Marriage Equality Under Attack in Texas
Houston we have a problem. Marriage equality is under attack in Texas. In a recent decision, the nine member, all Republican Texas Superior Court has reversed the lower court decision affirming that married same-sex couples are entitled to all benefits accorded by law to their heterosexual counterparts.   In writing
Germany Edges Towards Marriage Equality
Time to plan your gay wedding at this year's Oktoberfest in Berlin, or Munich or Hamburg or Cologne!   Pending an expected final approval vote from the upper house of Germany's Parliament, same-sex marriage will become the law of the land this fall in Germany.   Angela Merkel, in anticipation
Celebs Respond To The President's Insecure Tweet Condoning Violence Against The Media
Another day, another round of everyone with a brain wondering how much lower the president can sink with his un-presidential tweets. The latest is an edited video of "45" inflicting violence on his favorite enemy, the "liberal media" (recently he's singled out Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski for particular
Offender in Chief
Another embarrassing press incident recently occurred in the White House Oval Office that evoked memories of the infamous “Grab them by the pussy” Access Hollywood audio recordings. Caitriona Perry, Washington Correspondent & U.S. Bureau Chief with RTÉ News—Ireland, posted a “video of the bizarre moment” @realDonaldTrump was on an official
Heterosexual Pride Day Is Real -- And Really Stupid
If you thought National Pride Month would come to a close without any official notice from the current White House administration, you were correct. Still, you probably weren't prepared for the lunacy that is National Trolling Day Heterosexual Pride Day, a Twitter initiative that one day celebrates one 24-hour period
Here's Hoping For Less Of Chadwick Moore
Humans aren’t inherently political. People want to eat, drink, be clothed, use a toilet with maybe a roof over their heads, sleep under that same roof. We all want our basic needs met. From that baseline, we may branch out to scratch social and sexual itches, especially the young folks.
Trump Tarnishes America's Reputation Abroad
Planning a vacation abroad? Better start saying “aboot” like a true Canadian, or practicing your Spanish, because thanks to the person presently occupying the White House the popularity of America is at an all-time low per a new Pew Research Poll. Granted, Yankees have never been THAT popular abroad, but Obama
Tanarchy in the U.K.! Rowling Plots Demonstrations If Trump Visits Britain
J.K. Rowling—the creative force responsible for making fantasy children’s books a lucrative literary genre—is coordinating demonstrations to counter a possible official visit to the U.K. from Melania Trump’s sweetheart deal, Spray-Tan-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. “Rather than crafting placards, I think we should enlarge Trump's London tweets so they're on camera everywhere he goes
White House Refused To Acknowledge Gay Spouse Of Luxembourg Leader
If you had any remaining doubt that the current White House administration has homophobic tendencies, let this end your speculation. Last week a photo was taken of the spouses of all the leaders who participated in G7 summit in Europe. The picture was widely circulated and drew a fair amount
From “Traitor” To Trans Rights Activist?
Chelsea Manning was released from prison today and re-entered a world greatly changed since her incarceration began seven years ago. Gone is an LGBTQ-friendly White House, but transgender issues and celebrities have arrived front and center in politics and pop culture. Manning was an Army intelligence analyst convicted of a