10 Reasons Why "The Lost Boys" Is THE Gayest Vampire Movie
By Sam Kalidi Ten years before putting nipples on the batsuit and suggesting a romantic relationship between Batman and Robin, Joel Schumacher directed a queer-coded vampire movie. The Lost Boys was planned by Richard Donner as a Goonies-inspired kid adventure but when Schumacher replaced Donner, he decided to make the
Flagrant Greeting Cards Are Now A Thing
We Are Flagrant is proud to announce the launch of a greeting card line. Currently available only through Etsy (click link here), the line debuts with Pride month and Father’s Day cards. Additional holiday, thank you, birthday and anniversary cards will be produced and available on the site in the
'Desert Island Downloads' With Singer, Songwriter, Superstar DJ ShyBoy
If you live in Los Angeles or have visited in the past few years, chances are you’ve attended one of ShyBoy’s DJ gigs at Bootie or his incredibly popular events with bf Mark Nubar at the Faultline (“MaDonna Summer” being the most epic). ShyBoy’s also an incredibly prolific singer/songwriter. Voted
Watch Closely Now: Does Streisand 'A Star Is Born' Deserve Second Look?
By Joe Ferrelli As the Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper take on the rising star/falling star showbiz tale opens around the world, Flagrant looks back at the Barbra Streisand/Kris Kristofferson (Google him, children) juggernaut that rocked the box office, Billboard charts and awards shows in 1976-77. If you count “What Price Hollywood?”
Road Rage: AIDS Healthcare Foundation's Testing Truck Fiasco
Rants by Frank Rodriguez The non-profit AIDS Healthcare Foundation was founded in 1987 and is the largest HIV/AIDS organization in the world offering free HIV treatment to 820,000 patients in 39 countries. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the AHF has been no stranger to controversy. It’s President, Michael Weinstein is a
Scotty Bowers, Pimp To The Hollywood Stars, Tells Even More, Part Two
In the conclusion of our interview with Scotty Bowers, the former Marine who ran a prostitution ring for gay and bi Hollywood types, he pours the tea on some of Tinseltown's biggest stars, including Rock Hudson, James Dean, Vincent Price and more. This never-before-published interview was originally conducted in 2012,
Scotty Bowers, Pimp to Hollywood Stars, Tells Even More, Part One
When Full Service, a memoir by Scotty Bowers, was published in 2012, it confirmed what many film buffs had suspected all along: queer movie stars have been around since the advent of cinema. Bowers, a handsome sexually fluid Marine veteran, made his way to Los Angeles after World War II
Exclusive: 'Don't Worry' Director Gus Van Sant Remembers Much Different Roseanne
By Evan Lambert Imagine Jonah Hill’s Superbad character, but wise and gay. Now imagine Joaquin Phoenix’s rapper from I’m Still Here, but sad and wheelchair-bound. Now just imagine Jack Black but drunk, Rooney Mara but more backlit, a bunch of artful zooms, and that’s Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far
Flagrant Flashback: Rock Hudson, Jim Nabors Gay Wedding Scandal
Joke:  If Rock Hudson married Gomer Pyle, he would be known as “Rock Pyle.” That was the gag behind the party invitations that went out. In the early 1970s, a middle-aged gay couple who threw the year’s biggest party in Huntington Beach, California – usually exceeding 500 guests - thought
Flagrant Originals: 'Desert Island Downloads' With Dorian Wood
The premise: You’re stranded on a deserted island. Maybe you were on a gay cruise and the U.S.S. Streisand hit an iceberg. Or your flight to Paekakariki Pride dove into the Tasman Sea. Whatevs. You’re all alone. Suddenly, your iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or flip phone borrowed from
Drew Droege On Being A Male Actress, Impersonating Betty White, And Why You Need To Watch 'Heathers'
The next time the encyclopedia is updated, expect to see a photo of Drew Droege beside the word "ubiquitous." The comic actor is literally everywhere. One minute you'll find yourself obsessed with his eccentric take on fashion icon/actress Chloe Sevingy and the next you'll be dazzled by his singular, alcohol-infused
Flagrant Flashback: Camp, Cult Chat Show 'Decoupage With Summer Caprice'
Once upon a time when human beings could pay attention long enough to read a newspaper and choose their visual stimulation with care as opposed to swiping through hundreds of garbage GIFs, there existed a wonderful form of expression called Public Access Cable. Some could argue that the finest Public
8 Films You Need To See In March
The Oscars are upon us, which means the race for next year’s Oscars is beginning … yesterday. No doubt, we can expect that at least one of the major movies released in March will enter the Oscars conversation — even if it’s just for Best Sound Editing. Now, with that
Flagrant Crowns RPDR Season 10 Queen, Runners Up
Here is the elimination order for season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Aquaria will not win Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. In fact, she won’t even make it to the top three. We, of course, have deduced this through the
Flagrant Originals: 'Desert Island Downloads' With Brendan Patrick
Adult film performer (he’s too modest to refer to himself as a “star”) Brendan Patrick stopped by the Flagrant offices recently and we asked him to choose his “Desert Island Downloads.” His choices were surprising. Yes, we realize that not all gay porn stars (sorry Brendan, but we think you’re
Flagrant Originals: 'Desert Island Downloads' With Sherry Vine
The premise: You’re stranded on a deserted island. Maybe you were on a gay cruise to Alaska and the U.S.S. Midler hit an iceberg. Or your flight to Bora Bora Pride dove into the South Pacific. Whatevs. You’re all alone. Suddenly, your cell phone lights up with a strong signal
Kate McKinnon, Drag King Extraordinaire
Everyone (all right, almost everyone) loves drag queens. While there’s something inherently amusing about a dude in a dress, there’s also something poignant about a man embracing his femininity and paying homage to influential women. And thanks to RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag queens have now twirled into the mainstream and
Film Review: 'Call Me By Your Name' Swoony, Rapturous Romance Seduces
By Evan Lambert Show of hands: Who here has blocked out their teen years? Oh wow, that's a lot — OK, put 'em down put 'em down — KAREN, PUT YOUR GODDAMN HAND DOWN YOU MISSED IT ... OK thank you. Well, I'm going to need you to unblock those
George Takei's 'Naughty Gay Grandpa' Defense Only Makes Things Worse
It turns out that it only takes one allegation of sexual misconduct to make George Takei's famously silky voice go from weirdly comforting to existentially terrifying. On Friday, model Scott R. Bunton accused Takei of groping him against his will, and the story has only gotten worse from there. After
EXCLUSIVE: Melania's Body Double Breaks Her Silence
By Evan Lambert You may have heard a recent conspiracy theory claiming that First Lady Melania Trump relies on a body double for many of her public appearances. You may have also heard from many well-meaning news sites that this is an unfounded claim. However, we here at Flagrant have
Happy Hallokween! Check Out These Terrifying Short Films Featuring LBGT Stories
By Evan Lambert Stumped about what to pick for your Hallokween viewing? Well, first of all, baby, what is you doing? There are some great options here and here. However, if you're sick of mainlining Hocus Pocus, then we have a quick fix for you. Right now, on go90, you
Flagrant Flashback: Weirdest, Queerest Halloween Costumes From Yesteryear
By Gabriel Gonzalez Just in time for Halloween, Ben Cooper, the company that for over 50 years made frightfully fun costumes for kids on the queerest night of the year, is sashaying back into our lives!  As noted on the official website; the Cooper family will soon be bringing back
London Fashion Week: High On Artistry, Low On Diversity
By Joe Fritts If New York is the capital of easy, ready-to-wear fashion, London is most certainly its opposite. Aside from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, London is clearly the most directional, with a keen eye pointed squarely on the future. London is the home of Fashion East, the foundation
Vaping Out With Pride Cannabis Founders Buck Angel And Leon Mostovoy
Interview by Marcus Kuiland-Nazario I first met Buck Angel in the early ‘80s, when he was a she and went by Laura, and was not yet a transgender porn star/porn director. Buck is even on my straight former Marine brother's radar! I was introduced to Laura by my then boyfriend,
'Tom Of Finland' Trailer: Censorship Or Cautious Marketing?
We've been quivering with anticipation inside our vintage motorcycle boots over the pending release of Tom of Finland, the biopic of famed erotic artist Touko Laaksonen aka Tom of Finland. Finland has selected Tom of Finland as its candidate for the best foreign-language film Oscar. The American poster and trailer
Pouring The Tension Tamer Tea With Drag Legend Miss Coco Peru
Interview by Sam Kalidi Miss Coco Peru has done it all: award-winning shows, scene-stealing appearances in cult movies, guest starring roles on TV shows, interviews with icons like Liza Minnelli, and a popular YouTube channel. Her drag style is one of a kind: she's funny, political, outrageous, motivational and inspirational.
Beefcake Bible 'Physique Pictorial' Returns, Part 2
In Part 2 of our interview with art director Frederick Woodruff of The Bob Mizer Foundation and Physique Pictorial, we dig deeper into the relevance of Bob Mizer’s work; and discuss his cultural legacy, influence on contemporary gay porn and the Foundation’s future plans. Show your support and help preserve
Who Is The Hottest News Man?
If this new presidential administration has accomplished anything at all, it's made us addicted to watching news programs. With the news more depressing than ever and as we watch our civil rights being potentially stripped away, it helps just a bit to have the hourly horrors delivered by appealing gentlemen,
Insane Clown Hysteria Sweeps Politics And Queer Pop Culture
If you share a computer with your partner, don’t you hate it when it’s finally your turn to surf the Net and all you see is news about clowns? We all know this is a fact, especially after the 2016 election. Clowns, jesters and fools on all the news cycles.
Eight Questions For BearCity Trilogy Cub Alex Di Dio
A mix of Growlr action and Sex and the City outrageousness, the BearCity film series is signing off with a third and final chapter. The original BearCity was released in 2010, followed by BearCity 2: The Proposal in 2012. The romantic comedies won over critics and fans alike with the
Thirsty Thursday: Chef Franco Noriega
Peru’s hottest export since the emergence of Peruvian Flake (aka Mama Coca) is the multi-hyphenate slab of South American beef known as Franco Noriega. The Competitive Swimmer-Fashion Model-Jewelry Designer-Restauranteur-Chef-#Instastud opened his Peruvian restaurant Baby Brasa in New York’s Lower East Side last year. With a favorable average of 4 out
Cocktails, Community & Cole Porter: A Tribute To The Gay Piano Bar
The Gay Piano Bar is endangered and sentimental researchers are racing to save this beloved and historic institution. Numerous studies have concluded that the Gay Piano Bar (let’s refer to them as GPB from here on) first came to the U.S. in the 1940s, as the American musical was growing
Thirsty Thursday: Claws Star Jack Kesy
The surprise summer hit of basic cable, TNT’s Claws has been renewed for a second season. Qu'est-que c'est Claws, say you? It doesn’t really matter. It has something to do with ghetto nails, the Dixie Mafia, strip clubs, Booty Bass, synchronized swimming interludes, Niecy Nash in a push-bra, and a
Vaginal Davis In Conversation With Bruce LaBruce, Part Two
Editor's Note: This is the second of two installments. In part one, ex-pat artist Vaginal Davis and filmmaker Bruce LaBruce discussed their 30-plus-year-long friendship/working relationship, cookie-cutter Hollywood blockbusters and LaBruce's newest film, The Misandrists. Their confab concludes below. by Vaginal Davis Vaginal Davis: There are so few films centered around women,
Artist Vaginal Davis Interrogates Filmmaker Bruce LaBruce
Editor’s Note: Genderqueer performance artist, ‘zine queen, independent curator and OG “blacktress” Vaginal Davis recently interviewed transgressive homocore filmmaker Bruce LaBruce. The two olde friends engaged in a lively discussion centered on hot gossip, bad reviews, rebellious female stars and LaBruce’s latest celluloid provocation, The Misandrists, currently playing the international