The History Of Drag, Part 1
By Jim Yousling Long, long ago, back in the misty eons of time, before television, before Jesus, before even Tina Turner, there was no such thing as drag. Everybody lived in caves and walked around carrying clubs and wearing the same stupid little fur outfits while they hunted and collected
Divine, Tab Hunter Camp Classic "Polyester" Getting Criterion Release
John Waters’ wickedly funny film Polyester, starring Divine and Tab Hunter, will be given the deluxe Criterion Collection treatment. Resplendent in Harlequin Romance-style cover artwork, this Director-approved special edition includes new added value and will be available in September. From Criterion: For his first studio picture, filth maestro John Waters
'Desert Island Downloads' With Drag Clown Love Connie
The altered-ego of actor John Cantwell, Love Connie is a cyclone of 70s and 80s film, music, theatre references. Her live shows are multi-media drag extravaganza dance comedy jams, aggressively choreographed tributes to pop gods, scream queens and camp/cult film/tv shows. In a world of forgettable, lip-synching automatons, there is
Oscar Goes Gay: 'Hurricane Bianca 2' Tops Academy Award Nominations
In an attempt to seem less homophobic after hiring known homophobe Kevin Hart as its Oscars host for two days, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded all of its Oscar nominations in 2019 to gay movies, including 14 nominations to the cinematic disaster Hurricane Bianca 2: From Russia
Doll Parts: Let's Cast Barbie Movie Starring Margot Robbie
Last week, Warner Brothers and Mattel announced a star for their live-action Barbie movie, thus breathing new life into a project that had originally been an Amy Schumer vehicle. This iteration features a touching, body-positive storyline about loving yourself unconditionally. Now, in the time-honored tradition of having Barbie look like
'Will & Grace' LEGO Set Needs Your Vote
Imagine the hours of fun you could have playing with tiny plastic versions of your fave gay besties, Will and Grace and Jack and Karen. Last year, marketing manager by day/LEGO enthusiast by night, Mark Fitzpatrick, successfully campaigned for a project based on RuPaul’s Drag Race, finding the 10,000 votes
BDE (Big D*ck Energy) Is Officially A Thing
In fifty years, when scientists and anthropologists investigate the big philosophical and metaphysical hallmarks of early 21st century culture, we hope that one of the questions they ask is: Do I have big dick energy? You see, the new acceptable term for “swag,” “alpha,” “like a boss,” “legit,” “queen,” “slaying,”
Harry And Meghan Royal Wedding Merch Is Bonkers
Democracy is crumbling and the United States has burnt through its last remaining bridges across the world, but let’s talk about the royal wedding. Whether you’ve wanted to or not, you’ve probably seen a ton of headlines about the wedding this week. But forget all that drama about Meghan Markle’s
Russell Crowe Gifts John Oliver Koala Chlamydia Ward After Jockstrap Purchase
You learn something new every day, but today we learned more than we bargained for. Our readership may recall our amusement a few weeks ago when it was announced that Russell Crowe was planning to auction off some of his belongings as part of his divorce from singer Danielle Spencer.
Celine Dion, Deadpool Make 'Ashes' Of Themselves
In case you didn’t already have enough to distract you from the fact that the world is on fire, there is now a video of Deadpool twirling to a Celine Dion song in high heels. In the teaser for the much-anticipated Deadpool 2, Dion performs her new single, “Ashes,” which
Fake Prince George Instagram Imagines Bitchy Royal Intrigue
At last, the truth comes out: Meghan Markle is a classless imposter and pretender to the Crown who will stop at nothing to tear apart the Royal Family — and Prince George is the only one who can end her reign of destruction. Or at least, that’s how he sees
Dashboard Confessional: Cop Cam Reveals RHONY Luann Death Threats
Real Housewives of New York star Luann de Lesseps used to consider herself “New York Royalty” due to her courtesy title of Countess following her divorce from French Count Alexandre de Lesseps in 2009. But then she married a normal non-royalty American rich guy in 2016 and lost the title
Take Cover, 'Hurricane Bianca 2' Making Landfall Or Landfill Soon
Survivors of the first Hurricane Bianca are few and far between, but those who are still with us will remember it as one of the worst storms of the century. It started out strong — a potentially deadly cyclone drawing from the combined forces of Bianca Del Rio, Rachel Dratch,
Paint An Ugly Picture: Jim Carrey's Latest Portraits Include Cohen, Hannity
Wipe that smile off your face, Mona Lisa. There’s a new masterpiece in town. For the next installment in his “I’ve Had It” series (our words), Jim Carrey has created a portrait of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen that pays homage to the man’s 2015 quote in The Daily Beast: “I’m
Here Is Proof That Tiffany Is Trump's Love Child
Last week, we reported that the National Enquirer once paid $30,000 to a doorman named Dino Sajudin in order to keep him quiet about an alleged affair between Donald Trump and one of the maids at Trump Tower. We also introduced a bombshell new theory that Tiffany Trump is the
Martin Scorsese Directing 'SCTV' Documentary For Netflix
To paraphrase Vegas vixen Lola Heatherton, "Martin Scorsese, I love you. I want to bear your children." Fans of Heatherton, Guy Caballero, Edith Prickley and the hosers from “Great White North” rejoice! Famed filmmaker Scorsese will direct a special for Netflix that explores the enduring legacy of the Emmy-winning sketch
Jim Carrey's Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump Portraits Will Haunt You
Last Saturday, the very well-known actor Jim Carrey tweeted out the following cryptic picture and accompanying message:   Was it a new Lichtenstein? Was it a postmodern take on The Scream? Was it a subversion of The Mona Lisa, in which both the Mona Lisa and her smile looked absolutely
It's A Miracle! 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' 2-Part Season 4 Debuts In May
Emmy-nominated (and, honestly, one of our fave pop culture obsessions) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is coming back to Netflix not once, but TWICE, in 2018. Sure, the new episodes will add up to the same total number of episodes as a typical season, but it will FEEL like more —
Footlong Foles: Super Bowl MVP Allegedly Has Massive Dong
Okay, “sports fans.” If you were in Philly the night after the Eagles’ Super Bowl historic win last Sunday, or if you took part in the free-beer parade celebrating the new NFL World Champions, you might have been one of the rowdy fans tempted to climb a Crisco-covered light pole.
'Pretty' Funny: Amy Schumer Returns With Body Positive Comedy
Remember when people loved Amy Schumer? But then they hated her, because of a few problematic stunts and, well, sexism? Well, now people are loving her again. In her latest appearance on Ellen, Schumer showed up dressed like a baby — and while we kind of wish she had gone
McDonald's Fries May Cure Hair Loss, For Realz
People who still have decent digestive health might indulge in a large order of McDonald’s Fries—510 calories, 24 grams of fat, surprisingly only 350 milligrams of sodium (the FDA recommends limiting daily sodium intake to 2,300 milligrams; please note a pack of Top Ramen noodles contains 1,820 milligrams of sodium).
I Fell in Love Three Times Before Timothee Chalamet F###ed Me
By: The Peach from ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Some peaches shoot for the moon. They see their friends and relatives pass from orchard to grocery store to human digestive tract, and strive for more. But their tragedy lies in their truth: They can’t pick who picks them. They can
Pence Neighbors Troll Him With 'Make America Gay Again' Sign
If you're weary and feeling sad, just know that there's an unsung hero in Aspen who'll be your bridge over the troubled Trump administration. According to the Aspen Times, Mike Pence and his wife, Karen "Mother" Sue, recently came across a "Make America Gay Again" sign in the driveway of
Truly Gifted: Tom of Finland Doll With Detachable Dongs Up For Grabs
Hey, folks, there’s a glimmer of holiday cheer out there—on eBay and here—in the form of a 13-inch male action figure with a selection of three detachable penises! In 2003, there was an unknown hero working with the Tom of Finland Foundation who conceived and manufactured an officially licensed doll
Promoting New Album, Eminem Teases Grindr Hookups
Sounds like Eminem has been cleanin’ out his closet again … starting with himself. (Eminem just came out of the closet.) (Not really, but we’re rolling with it.) The “rap god” just took a break from promoting his not-universally-acclaimed new album, Revival, which features the science lesson “Walk on Water,”
Gay Erotica 'Putin It In Trump' And More Promise Sexytimes Between Vlad, Donnie
Have you ever wanted to know what President Donald Trump would say in a gay porn with Vladimir Putin? Well, look no further than Putin It In Trump, which is a masterpiece of gay erotica that includes this actual sentence: "Donald wanted the Russian to make his butthole great again."
Rumored RPDR Season 10 Drag Queen Aquaria Stuns As Sophia The Robot
If you're a fan of technological progress or of monitoring all the different ways that humans are bringing about their own destruction, then you may have heard about Sophia the Robot. As the world's first humanoid robot, Sophia is already a bit of a celebrity — but lately, thanks to
Trumps Deck The Halls With Mice, Ants, Tantrums
After the fucking horrible Senate debacle on Friday night into Saturday morning, in which all Rs—including McCain and Flake—removed their backbones to serve as shish kebobs to the lobbyists who wrote much of the tax bill, there is a little bit to laugh about. Not healthy, third-chakra cleaning guffaws, but
Elton John Reveals Eminem's Outrageous Wedding Gift
Elton John and Eminem have finally taken their relationship to the next level. Remember when they went official at the 2001 Grammys by hugging and holding hands after performing "Stan?" Well, Elton has been hinting for the past sixteen years that the real Slim Shady needed to finally stand up
Trumpy Bear: Your Holiday Gag Gift From Hell
Wondering what to get your brain-dead aunt or closeted Nazi neighbor for Christmas? Look no further than Trumpy Bear, the totally-not-a-joke stuffed bear that is currently making the infomercial rounds on Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and even Fox News. Presented in a terrific deadpan, the Trumpy Bear commercial — which
Doll Parts: Trixie Mattel Is Having A Major Moment
Trixie Mattel was eliminated TWICE from RuPaul’s Drag Race! However, condragulations are in order for the entrancing drag diva—also known as Brian Firkus when not performing—as Trixie’s YouTube series UNHhhh that she cohosts with Drag Race eliminated alum Katya Zamolodchikova (Brian McCook) has been picked up by Viceland and renamed
Germans Not In Uproar Over Gay Chocolate Santa
As Starbucks braved yet another possible boycott, this time over possibly-lesbian hand holding on drink cups, German retailer Penny debuted a new holiday confection - a limited-edition, chocolate Zipfelmann, draped in a rainbow-striped wrapper to celebrate “diversity, tolerance, and love.” Penny had informed their 285,000 Facebook friends that the chocolate
Queer Comic Cameron Esposito Shares Jesus With Two Daddies
It’s a holly jolly X-mas in queer comedian Cameron Esposito’s neighborhood in Los Angeles. On November 24, Esposito tweeted a photo of her neighbor’s front yard holiday décor: a nativity scene with two Josephs looking adoringly at the baby Jesus. The bearded Josephs are in pink garb and a plastic
GOP Strategist Assails Huckabee Sanders' Daily 'Avalanche Of Horseshit'
The American people have been forced to accept a number of unfortunate realities in 2017, including the fact that Sarah Huckabee Sanders now descends every morning from her membranous ceiling pod to spout lies to the media and ensure her natural slime coating doesn't stick to the press room podium.
Barbie Shows Her Pride With 'Love Wins' Tees
Barbie is serving her LGBTQ fans some stylishly supportive new tops. Romper posted the new, inclusive T-shirts as worn by Barbie on her own Barbie Style Instagram page.  The iconic doll and her brunch date, a miniature latex version of L.A.-based fashion blogger and designer Aimee Song, sport the cool new
Kate McKinnon, Drag King Extraordinaire
Everyone (all right, almost everyone) loves drag queens. While there’s something inherently amusing about a dude in a dress, there’s also something poignant about a man embracing his femininity and paying homage to influential women. And thanks to RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag queens have now twirled into the mainstream and
Prince Harry Got Engaged To Someone And It Wasn't You
Well, we just missed out on our last chance to marry into the Royal Family. Prince Ginger Minj, aka Prince Harry, is officially engaged. Unfortunately, the announcement did not happen on the critically-acclaimed (lol) series finale of the Fox reality show masterpiece I Wanna Marry Harry, but on Twitter. Harry
Let 'Peen Cuisine' Inspire Your Next Gay Brunch
In case you've ever wondered what an upscale bachelorette party or the inside of Bruce Vilanche's mind looks like, just check out "Peen Cuisine," which is an Instagram account full of penis-shaped gourmet food. While you won't be able to find Peen Cuisine's meals next to the Healthy Choice dishes
Kathy Griffin Scorches 'Billy McRapey' O'Reilly
At this point, Kathy Griffin is basically just flying around the world and taking down haters on social media — like a wronged makeup vlogger with a Gold Card. Griffin's latest target is Bill O'Reilly, whom she burned on Instagram in between stops along her world tour. After O'Reilly had
'Call Me By Your Name' Director Auditions Peach Before Notorious Scene
We’ll have to wait until November 24 to see if Call Me by Your Name director Luca Guadagnino’s trial by missing peach pit works in regards to a much-hyped sex scene in the film. The scene in question, a memorable part of André Aciman’s novel from which the film is
Pussy-Grabber-In-Chief Trolls Al Franken: Silent On Roy Moore, Himself
In a truly Frankensteinian display Thursday night, President Trump managed to combine stray, repulsive bits of anti-Semitism, cronyism, anti-SNL sentiment, and extreme hypocrisy into a grotesque monstrosity of a tweet about Senator Al Franken. After a woman earlier this week accused Franken of groping and kissing her without her consent,
It's Like 'Brokeback Mountain' But Set At Equinox Plus 3 Alt Versions
By Evan Lambert If you've seen or heard of God's Own Country, which recently opened in limited release, you'll understand why audiences are dubbing it "The British Brokeback Mountain." As I wrote in my review of the film, "There's homoerotic wrestling, a gay roll in the hay during a two-person
Drag Me To Hell: Boulet Brothers 'Supermonster' Show Painful To Watch
By Joe Fritts Swanthula and Dracmorda Boulet, best known by their collective stage name, The Boulet Brothers, have been terrorizing the Los Angeles gay scene for “well over” fifteen years, producing events around LA, always a blowout events, but sort of void of a real identity. Dragula was their most
Basic Blake: Homophobic Shelton Chosen 'Sexiest Man Alive'
People magazine has a long and disturbing history of handing its “Sexiest Man Alive” award to men who either (a) are not sexy or (b) used to be sexy five years ago. Exhibit A: Johnny Depp won the award in 2009 - six years after the first Pirates of the Caribbean
SMH: 'Stranger Things' Inspires Demagorgon Sex Toy
Stranger things have definitely not happened than the recent revelation that the child-heavy show Stranger Things will now be getting its own line of dildos. Earlier in October, a company named Bad Dragon announced in a six minute ‘80s-style video that it will be producing a new sex toy line
Out, Loud And Proud: Gay Lions Do It, Then Share PDA
Heavens to Betsy! As the homophobic beasts in Kenya’s government banned a Disney TV show, Andi Mack, because of a young gay character, two graceful male lions made their roars of disapproval heard by enjoying some serious PDA - the “A” in this case standing for affection, arousal and anal.
Will Disney Finally Admit That Timon And Pumbaa Are Feeling The Love Tonight?
Yeah, yeah ... Beyoncé is going to voice Nala in the 2019 live action remake of The Lion King. But there are OTHER people in the cast, guys. Namely: Donald Glover, Chiwetel Ejiofor, James Earl Jones (reprising his role in the original), John Oliver, and Alfre Woodard. Oh, and Billy
The Wrath Of Kathy: Hollywood Power Gays Get Griffined
Remember when Kathy Griffin disappeared from the public eye over the summer? She must have gone to that secret European prison in the Dark Knight Rises where Batman learned to be a badass again, because she is not playing anymore, hunty. Griffin has apparently taken a break from her current
Kathy Griffin Attacks Frenemy Anderson Cooper As 'Spineless Heiress'
The griping Griffin is at it again! This time, Kathy Griffin has declared to The Daily Beast that her attorney Lisa Bloom is “badgering” her and that her ex-bestie, Anderson Cooper, is a “spineless heiress.” The raunchy stand-up comic will apparently chop off anyone’s head if it will give her
Gay Bear Throuple Star In UK Honey Campaign
UK-based ad agency BMB has created a playful reimagining of the classic fairytale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” to shill honey brand Rowse. But Goldilocks is nowhere in sight and the “bears” are a trio of handsome, hirsute guys shacking up in a cabin. As you’ll remember from the original
High Art And Low Comedy Collide With Tabloid Art History
Tabloid Art History (TAH) is an invaluable public service provided by Elise Bell, Chloe Esslemont and Mayanne Soret, based in the UK. It is Internet perfection in two ways: 1. TAH is a FREE online art journal; 2. the TAH staff curates the Twitter page @TabloidArtHist, “comparing the best of
Out Comic Joel Kim Booster Has Growing Fanbase, Huge D
You’d think that an Asian kid adopted and raised by white Evangelical parents, who later detached from him at a crucial age after coming out as gay, would be a wreck. Not Joel Kim Booster. Booster, who is in the midst of a thriving career in standup comedy, is doing
Karen Walker And Her Sauced, Sitcom Sidekick Sisters
By Gabriel Gonzalez NBC’s revival of Will & Grace brought back our favorite scene-stealing, sauce-guzzling sidekick, “Karen Walker,” portrayed by Megan Mullally. In the spirit(s) of sitcom sisterhood, Flagrant takes a look at the other ever-inebriated, always outrageous supporting divas of the 1990’s sitcom universe. In 1995, The Washington Post
Heaven On Earth: Camp John Waters Welcomes All Perverts
Legendary filmmaker John Waters is known as the “Pope of Trash.” He’s also been called “The People’s Pervert.” Though he has a repertoire of shocking cinema masterpieces and brilliant books (as well as the stage adaptations and film remakes of Hairspray), Waters initially made a most unique name for himself
Giggly BFFs Anderson Cooper And Andy Cohen To Host CNN NYE Fete
If you thought Christmas Eve was gay, mark your calendars, dears. That New Year’s Eve thing that CNN’s Anderson Cooper copped from Dick Clark (who’s now hosting American Bandstand from the great beyond)? Coop bestie/TV exec Andy Cohen will serve as cohost for this year’s version of the televised Times
'The President' Speaks With Flagrant At Comic Con
By Evan Lambert President Donald Trump is accustomed to receiving rousing applause wherever he goes. No matter the occasion, Trump always ensures that he has only the greatest, most terrific seat fillers to clap and cheer for him and make him feel like a big boy. But this past Friday,
Jared Kushner Registered To Vote As A Woman: Is He Hiding More Than His Emails?
Jared Kushner's responsibilities as White House Advisor include solving America's opioid epidemic, maintaining diplomacy with Mexico, maintaining diplomacy with China, reforming veteran care, reforming the criminal justice system, establishing peace in the Middle East, and making the entire U.S. government "run like a great American company." Considering Kushner's many accomplishments
Pennywise And Babadook, Hollywood's Newest Gay Couple
It's been a few months since the Internet outed the Babadook as a Friend of Gaga, so naturally the Internet has now given him a boyfriend. It's unclear whether the Babadook consciously coupled with his current squeeze on Grindr, Chappy, or through their mutual friend, the unstoppable cloud of mist
Bravo's Andy Cohen Invites You Inside
Andy Cohen, the hardest working man in TV’s laziest format, recently opened the doors of his duplex apartment to Elle Decor, and what’s inside is surprisingly tasteful. Located in the West Village, Cohen recently purchased the unit above his and commissioned architect Gordon Kahn and interior designer Eric Hughes to
Celebrate Lily Tomlin's Birthday By Watching Some Of Her Finest Moments
To call Lily Tomlin a national treasure seems a very conservative compliment. The out entertainer, who turns 78 today, is loved the world over for an incredible array of characters she's brought to life (many written by her talented wife, Jane Wagner) both in film, as well as on television
Kathy Griffin Takes Back Apology For Trump Photo
Kathy Griffin, who issued a tearful apology in June after posing for a photo holding a fake severed head of Donald Trump brought death threats and concert cancellations, now says she takes it back. The caustic comic, who is about to launch her ... wait for it ... Laugh Your
Gleefully Un-PC Coloring Book Corruptions Have Us ROFL
The already passé adult coloring book craze is a fucking farce. All the “stress relieving” page designs are way too intricate. Zen patterns and overgrown secret gardens are boring reasons to stay in the lines. And the merchandising push is reminiscent of scrapbooking, and we all know what happened with
Alec Baldwin Shows Trump As The True Charlottesville Victim
Alec Baldwin made a triumphant return to Saturday Night Live Thursday night (!) to send up Trump's instantly infamous rally earlier this week in Phoenix, Arizona. Baldwin's Trump took the stage wearing eclipse glasses ( a poke at the viral pic of 45 staring at the sun with his naked
Trump Announces New Kennedy Center Honors Recipients
In a stunning reversal of an earlier reversal, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have decided they WILL attend the Kennedy Center Honors this December, but they’ve scrapped the initial honorees, in favor of new ones more supportive of the current Administration. The Trumps had issued a statement
The Pfeffermans Are Back. 'Transparent: The Lost Sessions' Debuts Today
Fans of Transparent, this is your lucky day, because it marks Amy Landecker’s directorial debut of Transparent: The Lost Sessions, a new 10-episode digital series. The first three short vignettes of comedy perfection are available today on Funny or Die. As a spin-off of Amazon’s award-winning series Transparent, each episode
You Cast RuPaul's Upcoming Hulu Series
Hulu is actively developing the tentatively titled dramedy, Queen, a slightly fictionalized version of Emmy-winner RuPaul’s rise from club kid to drag queen to gay icon, then global star. Set in NYC during the Reagan-era ‘80s, the series is being produced by J.J. Abrams (Alias, Star Wars: The Force Awakens).
Pauly Shore Finally Brings The Funny As Trump Mouthpiece Stephen Miller
Pauly Shore was a ubiquitous presence in early '90s on MTV and with modest box office hits like Encino Man and Son In Law, but was he ever really funny? It's debatable (OK, it's not really -- he was annoying AF), but he was definitely inescapable. We haven't really thought
Mario Cantone Resurrects The Mooch To Scorch "Smelly" Trump Team
When beleaguered (to use a fave word of the president's) White House communications director Anthony "the Mooch" Scaramucci was relieved of his duties this week after a mere 10 days on the job, our thoughts immediately turned to Mario Cantone. The comic actor, an Italian-American like Scaramucci, seemed a natural
At Home With Amy Sedaris Is Just As Deranged As You Want It To Be
If you weren't already looking forward to seeing Amy Sedaris offer her unique spin on good housekeeping, you probably will after watching this first preview clip. The comic actress, best known for her unforgettable turn as user-boozer-loser high school drop-in Jerri Blank in Strangers With Candy and countless guest appearances
Anthony Scaramucci And His Potty Mouth Get Owned By Mario Cantone
Melissa McCarthy might be out of her nighttime gig sending up former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live, but thankfully Mario Cantone has filled the comedy void as livewire Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. The Sex and the City star has been employed by Comedy Central's The
Cartoonish President To Become Animated Series This Fall
Showtime has greenlit 10 episodes of a cartoon series from Executive Producer Stephen Colbert about President Trump, his family and comrades, which will debut this Fall. A press release claims the series, “will present the truish adventures of Trump’s confidants and bon vivants - family, top associates, heads of government,
His Taint Is Not Enough: Daniel Craig Comes Again As Bond In 2019
A satire by Enrique Marie Presley Do that to me one more time, Daniel Craig… MGM and producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson of Eon Productions have announced a November 8, 2019 release date for the 25th installment of the James Bond franchise. After several months of speculation about
Beer. For Ladies Only. (But I Like It, Too)
A Confession by Enrique Marie Presley Social media is atwitter over news of a new female-targeted “premium lifestyle” beer from the Czech Republic called Aurosa. #beerforher is generating more ire than praise throughout the twitterverse with its cloying, faux feminist diatribe that proclaims itself “a representation of a woman’s strength and a
Girl, Urine Danger! Stephen Colbert Investigates Alleged Russian Leak
The Fake News Liberal Mediocracy just can’t seem to hold it in. The unshakable coverage on the data dump known as the Steele Dossier remains a warm and steady stream that dogs Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia. Though downplayed when news of former British Intelligence Officer Christopher Steele’s
Good Housekeeping Gets Stranger With Amy Sedaris
Take your steaming pile of Goop and shove it, Gwyneth dear. There’s a new sheriff in town; and she’s got a new TV show. Comic tsunami and DIY doyenne Amy Sedaris will bring Gay Christmas early this fall with the launch of her 10-episode scripted comedy series At Home With
How To Jump A Shark In High Heels
By Joe Fritts We’ve had freaks, comedy and corset queens, and now in an era where West Hollywood’s Pride Parade is scrapped for a decidedly more timely #resist march, RuPaul’s Drag Race has caught the wave and crowned its first activist queen. Thank you and welcome, Sasha Velour. Educate the
Celebrity Skin: Modeling Is So Hard When You're Rich, Famous, Beautiful
“The world of fashion has changed. The most in-demand models today have a famous last name.” – Model/Daughter/Visionary Cambrie Schroder Nepotism! Privilege! Hollywood! Life can be tough when you’re celebrity offspring. And even tougher when you’re born beautiful and vacuous. Welcome to the glamorous world of Growing Up Supermodel, courtesy
This Christian Mom Of 10 Does Not Want Anyone To Know About Anal
Some people! They want to spoil the fun for everyone. After Teen Vogue published an article about anal sex advice in the interest of educating curious young people, a woman ("Elizabeth, the Activist Mommy"), who home schools 10 children and self-identifies as Christian, went apoplectic. She not only doesn't want
Are TV Actors Too Shredded For Roles?
Picture this… May, 1992, John Goodman, star of TV’s top-rated Roseanne is cast as the lead in Cliffhanger, narrowly beating out Stallone for the role. Goodman had already started an intense diet/workout regime weeks before the series wrapped. By the June 15 filming start date, Goodman was ripped. His biceps
Kit Harington's "GOT" Talent. Game Of Thrones Star's Screen Tests Unearthed
Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow on HBO’s Game of Thrones, is showing shocking versatility in recently released mock audition tapes for several other characters on the insanely popular series. The auditions debuted on Jimmy Kimmel! Live where Harington appeared as a guest. Harington showcases his remarkable, and remarkably silly
The Top Gun Sequel No One Asked For Is Heading To Theaters in 2019
It’s been over thirty years since Maverick, Goose, Iceman and Slider took to the skies and headed into the “danger zone.” Tom Cruise and Paramount Studios are betting the world wants/needs a sequel to Top Gun. Hence, Top Gun: Maverick is now on the calendar for a Summer 2019 release.
Oh, Heavens! Gay Cocaine Orgy Busted By Cops Adds To Pope Francis' Growing Scandals
The Pope must be praying for deliverance from recent scandals. After neighbor complaints, the Vatican police recently raided the apartment of the secretary to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, a key advisor to Pope Francis, interrupting a homosexual, cocaine-fueled orgy.  The raid is especially embarrassing for the Vatican as the apartment was
Is Self-Loathing Behind Dolce And Gabbana's Decision To Dress Melania?
After reading about all the completely tone-deaf things that Dolce & Gabbana have done recently, such as opposing in vitro fertilization and adoption for same-sex parents, mammy earrings, shoes that pretty much endorse eating disorders, and naming these absolutely fabulous sandals “slave sandals,” one can imagine that their day begins with
Heterosexual Pride Day Is Real -- And Really Stupid
If you thought National Pride Month would come to a close without any official notice from the current White House administration, you were correct. Still, you probably weren't prepared for the lunacy that is National Trolling Day Heterosexual Pride Day, a Twitter initiative that one day celebrates one 24-hour period
Just Desserts for Online Trolls
If you live in the US of A and are ticked off at some dickhead’s rude online comment, you do not have to resort to cyberstalking to exact revenge. Troll Cakes can provide closure for you, and tooth decay for your adversary. For a not-too-expensive price ($30 to $60), the
Want to play with Divine on Pink Flamingo sheets?
These are not cha-cha heels! They’re even better. In John Waters’ magnum opus Female Trouble queer icon Divine bemoaned having her Christmas ruined by not receiving a pair of black fuck me-pumps under the tree, but she would surely enjoy playing with herself – make that an action figure version
Actor/Rapper Milan Christopher Loses His Clothes, But Will He Find An Audience?
Rapper, actor, homosexual and now, attention whore seeking a “break the Internet moment,” Love & Hip Hop Hollywood co-star Milan Christopher lost his unmentionables to smash stereotypes about male sexuality, celebrity, musicians, something else, yadda-yadda. “I wanted to be judged on my hard-earned bubble butt, my I-stopped-enjoying-life six-pack, the ebony shade of
Not Your Granny's Needlepoint
Ah, the wholesome, genteel tradition of needlepoint, an art relegated to respectable, mature women and Rosey Grier. It brings to mind the appearance of Olivia De Havilland in The Heiress, at her needlework stand, severe eyebrows strained while stitching an image unseen to viewers. Probably a quaint, safe pond scene