Gay-For-Pay Videos Ruined My Life, Says Model Michael Hoffman



Maybe he can become a fisherman.

Michael Hoffman, a tattooed body builder who developed a fervent social media following after filming a series of erotic solo videos, now says he regrets his decision and claims the explicit proctological nude clips have ruined his life.

“‘My decision four years ago to start making videos has really fucked me up. I can’t go anywhere. And I can’t do anything,” Hoffman complains in a video posted to his official Twitter account (there are numerous imposter accounts, which should flatter any guy). “Every person I meet finds out or knows about it or gets creeped out or doesn’t want to be fucking friends with me.” There’s no shame, buddy, maybe find more open-minded pals.

The bemoaning seems to be inspired primarily due to the breakup with his most recent girlfriend. “I just lost a fucking girl tonight,” he shares in the message. “She found out and she was really creeped out about it.” Trust us, Mike, there are some ladies out there who will love you even more. Call us if you need their numbers.

Hoffman then moves on to how masturbating on camera dozens of times has affected his professional life and that he only made $10k for all that hard work. “I can’t get a job. My fucking life sucks. I regret everything I did. So fuck my life. Fuck my life.” Calm down and take a deep breath, sir. You’re a handsome young man. All you need is a capable job counselor.

It isn’t as if Hoffman is forging new territory. Gay-for-pay actors and models have long fascinated the viewing public, from barely legal Joe Dallesandro in the 1960s (who’s now a happily married grandfather) and, more recently, The Real World‘s Dustin Zito (who had some legal problems but seems to have recovered and just launched an educational web series) and even inspired comedies such as 2001’s The Fluffer. Of course, there are cautionary tales like Ryan Idol, currently serving a dozen years in prison for banging his girlfriend on the head with a toilet lid so let’s hope Hoffman doesn’t follow this path.

Watch Hoffman lament his decision below.

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