Lana Del Rey Delivers More Love, Loss, Lust


The torch singer of the Internet era and definitive style icon for Coachella basic bitches has dropped her new album, Lust for Life and the mixed/good reviews are saying it goes beyond her usual brand of tragic romance, glamour and sadness.  

Lana Del Rey (born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant – think Downton Abbey extra) has always been inspired by a forward thinking nostalgia. In Lust for Life she takes this passion for the old and the new to new heights in what Jon Pareles of The New York Times calls her “most expansive” release to date.

Pareles notes that Del Rey has resisted the typical loud, digitally-hyped stylings of other pop stars in favor of whispery, soft focus, leisurely songs with hip-hop percussions and blunt language. Del Rey’s Lust for Life continues building on her trademark “Hollywood sadcore” sensibility, giving us more of her pensive, dreamy, melancholic girl-group inspired pop.   

The album’s title song, Lust for Life, features The Weeknd in a Shangri-Las inspired ode to the dark pull of Hollywood. Stevie Nicks lends her vocals to Beautiful People Beautiful Problems, which gives a cheeky wink to the narcissism of the rich and famous. In Tomorrow Never Came, Sean Ono Lennon accompanies Del Rey in a track about idolizing the Beatles. Del Rey even gets political, wondering if, “Is it the end of an era? Is it the end of America?” on the track When the World Was At War We Kept Dancing.  Lana also reclaims her title as the heartbreak heroine giving us some moody love-gone-wrong gems with In My Feelings and Get Free.

The “Anti-Gaga” pop star is back to captivate fans again with these 16 gorgeously dreamy and moody songs.

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