Marvel’s Avengers To Welcome First Openly Gay Superhero


Marvel’s Avengers are about to welcome the first openly gay superhero into their posse. Living Lightning, who had previously been only part of Avengers sub-teams will join up with the core s/heroes for a weekly, 16-issue storyline titled ‘No Surrender.’

Living Lightning started as East Los Angeles native, Miguel Santos, who in the 1990 Avengers West Coast #63 issue, accidentally gained his superpowers. Santos was trying to clear his dead father’s name by spying on the Legion of the Living Lighting, but accidentally gained the ability to control lightning. Marvel writer Dann Thomas and artist Paul Ryan brought to life this electrifying dynamo.

Coming out was not easy for the young Santos and he only did so after attending a meeting for the G.L.A. (Great Lakes Avengers), which he mistook for the Gay/Lesbian Alliance and inadvertently admitted he was gay. There was no turning back for the queer thunderbolt, whose ability to fly at sub-light speeds, fire and manipulate electricity, withstand the vacuum of space and resist most physical attacks made him a bilingual badass.

Dan Slott, who wrote the G.L.A. coming out storyline, responded to questions about Santos’ originally dating women, with thunderous confirmation, “He’s gay. Get over it. Previous girlfriends? Beards. Or relationships that just didn’t work—because Miguel hadn’t come to terms yet with who he really is,” adding that the Hispanic hero, “Miguel is a gay superhero and a wonderful role model.”

The first issue of the ‘No Surrender’ series (Avengers #675) will be available on January 10, 2018 and fans are living for El Living Lightning’s big moment.

Fingers crossed, he appears in an upcoming Avengers film. And if he does, the producers don’t shy away from showing him in a relationship. We were super excited that an LGBT character would be front and center in the latest Marvel film, Thor: Ragnarok, only to be utterly disappointed when ferocious fighting, hard-drinking bisexual Valkyrie was de-queered.

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