Cardi Bummer: Defending Offset’s Homophobic Lyrics, Rapper Makes Matters Worse

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Cardi B has proven herself to be a stripper with a heart of stupid. Over the weekend, the breakout MC shared a video of herself defending her fiancé Offset from allegations of homophobia — and she shot herself in the Bodak.

After Offset was criticized for rapping, “I cannot vibe with queers,” in the new song “Boss Life,” Cardi Blowhard recorded herself saying, “I see him around these people — around gays — and he treats them with the same respect he treats everybody. He never acts uncomfortable and he just don’t care.”

I’m sorry, who are THESE PEOPLE of whom she speaks?

She continued, “[Queer] has a different vocabulary in the dictionary,” which echoed Offset’s own defense of the lyric. It also proved that Cardi Brainfart didn’t know the definition of “vocabulary,” but whatever, she is literally famous for making up her own vocabulary. See: “Bodak,” “arrove.”

She then added: “Now if that’s a word that you guys said is a bad word for gays, I’ve never even heard that word in the first place. Why don’t y’all educate people? A lot of people are not aware about what’s wrong or right in the LGBTQ community.”

Lol, something tells us the problem here isn’t gay people not speaking up enough. We’re almost positive that if Cardi Beef had ever actually hung out with a gay person, then he would’ve told her not to call us, idk, THESE PEOPLE?

Also, let’s not forget the words of Queen Ava DuVernay, director of Selma: “If I’m forward-thinking and know that there is inequity, I should not need the transgender woman to take time out of her experience to educate me.”

Hear that, Cardi Bummer? It’s not up to us to educate you. That’s like telling a man about to be shot execution style that he is allowed “last words,” as if the onus is on him to make the shooter not kill him. The solution is not for him to plead his case: The solution is to put the gun down.

And in any case, Cardi’s fiancé Offset has a recorded history of homophobia, so it doesn’t matter what poorly thought-out arguments he and Cardi are inventing in his defense. Let’s not forget that he’s a member of hip hop group Migos, who were so uncomfortable around drag queens that they actually refused to share the stage with them during Katy Perry’s SNL performance. We already know he’s a homophobe, and his and Cardi’s protests are only showing that neither of them has actually learned how not to be.

Cardi, Be Better.


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One Response to “Cardi Bummer: Defending Offset’s Homophobic Lyrics, Rapper Makes Matters Worse”

  1. Frank Rodriguez

    This shit is just typical. Migos put the NO HOMO in their lyrics to preserve their Atlanta street cred but happily take designer glamour from gays in their new luxury lifestyles. Blood is on their hands. Madonna should know better.