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Well, Call Me By Your Name only got four Oscar nominations, so our best shot at LGBTQ dominance at the Oscars is now The Shape of Water, which is the clear frontrunner of the race with thirteen nominations. Technically, its central romance is heterosexual — between woman and fish — but that’s supposed to be a metaphor for gayness or whatever. There’s also a sad gay man in it. Thankfully, he (Richard Jenkins) was nominated.

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Sadly, it does not look like Call Me By Your Name will be the second queer-themed movie to win an Oscar for Best Picture (after Moonlight), as it would probably need more than four nominations to make it a real contender. Unfortunately, the openly gay Luca Guadagnino was not nominated for a directing Oscar. However, you can perhaps look at Guadagnino’s snub as a win for Greta Gerwig, who just became the fifth woman in history to be nominated, and Jordan Peele, who just became the fifth black person in history to be nominated. We’re actually going to decide that it’s both a win and a snub, since Guadagnino was passed over in favor of Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk.)

Other notable snubs include the cultural phenomenon Wonder Woman, BPM (an excellent French film about Act Up that won second place at Cannes), Armie Hammer (for his revelatory performance in Call Me), and Meryl Streep. Lol, just kidding. Streep just nabbed her 21st Oscar nomination for The Post, thus breaking her OWN RECORD as the most Oscar-nominated human being in the history of Earth.

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Actually, Armie Hammer wasn’t the only actor from Call Me By Your Name who was snubbed. You could also say that Michael Stuhlbarg, who played Elio’s wise and supportive dad, was snubbed. In fact, both Hammer and Stuhlbarg seemed to lose out to Christopher Plummer’s performance in All the Money in the World, which Plummer filmed at the last minute after he replaced the disgraced Kevin Spacey. So thanks, Kevin Spacey, your disgusting “coming out” is continuing to do more harm for the LGBTQ community than good. We just missed out on another Oscar nomination. Dick.

Thankfully, however, this was not another year of #OscarsSoWhite, as four black men and women were nominated in acting categories, and Jordan Peele became only the fourth black person ever to be nominated for Best Original Screenplay. And in a truly watershed moment, Rachel Morrison just became the first woman ever to be nominated for a Best Cinematography Oscar. (Seriously, get your shit together Oscars.)

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Mercifully, sleazeface James Franco was also passed over in favor of Denzel Washington for the latter’s work in a movie almost no one saw. (Whatever. It’s a Denzel Washington, so it has to be good, right?)

We heart the five nominations bestowed upon Lady Bird. The sweet relationship between Christine/Lady Bird (Saoirse Ronan) and gay bestie Danny (Lucas Hedges) being one of the highlights of this awesome film.

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So let’s just give a shout-out to the following queer and/or queer-themed movies/nominees who are proof that there is a Goddess. (If we miss some, forgive us. These nominations were announced at the asscrack of dawn):


  • Timothee Chalamet – Best Actor nominee for his role as the bisexual Elio in Call Me By Your Name


  • Richard Jenkins – Best Supporting Actor nominee for his role as the gay artist Giles in The Shape of Water


  • A Fantastic Woman – Best Foreign Language Film nominee that tells the story of a trans Chilean woman


  • “Mystery of Love,” by the bisexual Sufjan Stevens – A lovely Best Original Song nominee from Call Me By Your Name


  • “This is Me,” by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul – A rousing Best Original Song nominee from The Greatest Showman, which is technically about circus “freaks” (but is definitely about being gay.) Pasek is openly gay.


  • James Ivory, the 89-year-old openly gay half of Merchant Ivory Productions who just got a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination for Call Me By Your Name. He has been nominated for Best Director three times previously.


  • Dee Rees, the openly queer writer and director of Netflix’s Mudbound, who received a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. (Also, can we talk about how insane it is that a Netflix movie just got nominated for Oscars?)


  • Call Me by Your Name – We know you know what it is, but we’re listing it here because it was nominated for Best Picture, and that’s still a pretty big deal


  • Idk, Some Costume and Makeup People? – Look, we didn’t cross-reference the sexual orientation of everyone nominated for an Oscar, but there’s probably at least one queer person in the technical categories, right? You can check the full list of nominees here


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