Head Over High Heels: ‘Drag Race’ Star Peppermint Heading To Broadway


When Gwyneth Paltrow published her guide to anal sex on Goop in March 2017, it must have awakened something inside of her. While researching how to import the melting water of Antarctic glaciers to douche her butthole, Gwyneth must have tapped into her inner freak and fruit fly — thus kindling a fabulous light that she would never be able to extinguish — because she now appears to be a legitimate participant in all things queer. (We are not counting when she sang that Cee Lo Green song on Glee.)

Princess Gwyneth is now set to produce an original Broadway musical featuring the music of The Go-Go’s, and it will star none other than Peppermint, a.k.a. the season nine runner-up of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the show’s most high-profile trans queen.

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The casting choice makes Peppermint the first trans woman to originate a role in a Broadway production, which solidifies her stature as one of the most charismatic queens to grace the screens of Drag Race in recent years.

Peppermint is not the first Drag Race queen to appear on Broadway, however. That honor goes to Milan, she of the Diana Ross realness, who appeared in drag in the musicals Motown and Hairspray.

The new musical, titled Head Over Heels, will use the top hits of The Go-Go’s to tell an updated take on Arcadia, an endless and obscure work of 16th century prose by the Elizabethan English poet Sir Philip Sidney. Arcadia, an unwieldy, sprawling treatise on sex, politics, violence, soporifics, mobs, and cross-dressing, has been adapted numerous times and in numerous different genres over the years. So basically, this musical is going to be batshit insane.

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As for The Go-Go’s, they have their own queer connection. Guitarist Jane Wiedlin is openly bisexual, and frontwoman Belinda Carlisle’s son, James Duke Mason, is a cherubic cub and proud member of the gay community. Also, they’re an all-female rock band, which is already inherently super queer.


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