Babs, Gwyneth Joining Ben Platt For New Ryan Murphy Series ‘Politician’


Ben Platt is apparently the latest gay actor to give Ryan Murphy a Hollywoody, because Murphy just signed a two-season straight-to-series order with Netflix for his new show Politician, which will star Platt as the titular politician. The show is apparently a “comedy” with “social commentary,” which does not actually guarantee any actual comedy or social commentary. (See: Murphy’s past attempt at comedy, The New Normal, and past attempt at current social commentary, American Horror Story: Cult.) But Murphy, of course, has instant name recognition, and can probably pitch any idea at any point to any random person on the street and get it turned into a TV show.

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Politician is also reportedly going to star Gwyneth Paltrow and Barbra Streisand, which means that even the most stubborn princesses and grandest dames of Hollywood are realizing that television is the only place to be. Or perhaps Paltrow just saw herself on too many viral listicles about “Actors Who Don’t Deserve Their Oscars” and decided she had something to prove. As for Streisand, she’s probably just happy to have a plummer role than “Mrs. Focker.”

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Politician will apparently follow the story of Ben Platt’s “Payton,” a wealthy Santa Barbarian with a gay name who is on an eternal quest for higher office (and probably dick.) According to The Hollywood Reporter, every season of the show will revolve around a new political race for Payton, and every episode will feature (ugh) a song.

Also, we’ve mentioned this before, but when did Murphy become the Queen of Gay Hollywood? With American Crime Story, American Horror Story, 9-1-1, Feud, the upcoming Pose, and the upcoming Ratched, Murphy is essentially working on 50,000 TV shows. And if it’s for the sneaky purpose of using his name recognition to fill every network and streaming service with as many gay characters as possible, then we’re 100% here for it. But if it’s just to rake in the bucks while simultaneously convincing straight people that LGBT people have “made it,” then we’re only 50% here for it.

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That being said, Ben Platt is amazing and we’re really excited he’s going to star in something, so … *swallows pride* … Thank you, Ryan Murphy.

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