R.I.P. Gay Actor John Mahoney ‘Frasier’s Martin Crane

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John Mahoney, a rumored gay and confirmed brilliant actor, passed away while in hospice care on Sunday. Mahoney, known for playing Martin Crane on Frasier, was 77 when he left to toss salad and scramble eggs in the sky.

Mahoney was reportedly in his late 30s when he decided to get into acting, before casually landing a major role on a hit primetime TV show and then winning a SAG award for it. So seriously, go do that thing you’ve been saying you wanted to do. You could win a SAG award, or at least not have to rely on your dumb kids when you’re 77.

Mahoney was also known for being a mainstay in the Chicago theater community before winning a Tony in 1986 for his role in John Guare’s “The House of Blue Leaves” on Broadway. And speaking of Broadway, we have on good authority that Mahoney was gay, just as his Frasier costar Kelsey Grammer is rumored to be, and his other costar, David Hyde Pierce, definitely is, as is his other costar Dan Butler who played the chauvinistic ladies’ man “Bulldog” Briscoe.

Other memorable roles for Mahoney included the films Say Anything, Barton Fink, Reality Bites and Primal Fear.

say anything

Ione Skye and John Mahoney in “Say Anything.”

While Mahoney played a convincing love interest to fruit fly Betty White on Hot in Cleveland, he was also a “confirmed bachelor” who never married, even though he did have several relationships throughout his lifetime.

So basically, everyone on the Frasier set was just tossing each other’s salads and scrambling each other’s eggs all the time, while Camille Grammer watched through a peephole and took notes so that she could refer to them later in her divorce settlement. We can only hope that Mahoney is up there right now with his fellow closeted British actors Laurence Olivier and Alec Guinness, just shooting the shit and romancing all of the hottest angels.

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2 Responses to “R.I.P. Gay Actor John Mahoney ‘Frasier’s Martin Crane”

  1. Tamata

    Why does it matter ? Does he not have any rights ? LEAVE IT ALONE. If he wanted to be out, he would have come out to open arms. Ever thought that maybe his parents unhappy volatile marriage soured him on relationships ? Or perhaps that he was someone who wanted to be unattached