Amy Sedaris Welcomes You Inside Her TV Home

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Amy Sedaris grew up watching lifestyle television programs, which she calls “hospitality shows.” The format featured homemaking and entertaining tips from “experts,” and these shows were set in the expert’s home, which was really a typical TV studio set. Visually, these shows were nothing like the realistic-looking lifestyle/cooking show sets of today. The older shows had incredibly plasticky sets meant to convey a natural and homey feel, even with their fake windows showcasing a fake sky and a window box filled with fake flowers. “Homey” and “natural” are two words that almost perfectly describe Sedaris’ visual and comedy styles, if she weren’t so unnaturally strange. It’s only logical that she would be drawn to the format.

Sedaris just revealed the sets for At Home with Amy Sedaris, a natural progression of the macabre domesticity that she conveyed so giddily in her books I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence and Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People. The “house” has all been eerily photographed by longtime galpal, designer and photographer Todd Oldham. Not one detail has been missed, down to the generic food in the refrigerator, branded “Concord,” which could be a nod to Sedaris’ North Carolina upbringing. There are lamps with hair dye sample strands, a wig wall, and a guest bedroom that looks like Leatherface’s AirBnB rental. Even the toilet is wearing a long, lacy veil, and the garden is filled with the corpses of dead pets… and a gone-but-not-forgotten favorite aunt. sedaris nocrop w h

At Home with Amy Sedaris debuts October 24th on TruTV.

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