Blades Of Glory: Gay U.S. Olympic Skater Adam Rippon Not Visiting WH


This is a weird sentence to type, but 2018 is the first year in history that the United States is sending an openly gay figure skater to the Winter Olympics. “What?” you might ask. “I thought all male figure skaters, a.k.a. “ice gazelles,” were gay!” Well, that’s only like 90% true — and until 2018, there has been a stigma against being openly gay as a skater. (Despite all of the sport’s twirling and sashaying, the men have always been expected to fulfill certain masculine stereotypes.)

But circling back to our original point, 2018 is the first year in history that the United States is sending an OPENLY gay figure skater to the Winter Olympics, which is kind of a big deal. And as for the skater in question, Adam Rippon, he is so far representing the queer community with grace and poise.

“I was recently asked in an interview what it’s like to be a gay athlete in sports,” wrote the ice gazelle on Twitter. “I said that it’s exactly like being a straight athlete. Lots of hard work but usually done with better eye brows.”

Rippon also had some choice words when asked about President Trump’s “shithole” comments earlier this week.

“If I talked to people the way that President Trump talks to people, my mom would kick my ass,” said Ms. Freeze to the BBC.

Now we’ll just have to sit back and wait for Hollywood to produce the Golden Globe-winning dramedy, I, Adam, about Adam Rippon’s ongoing fight with homophobia in the skating community. (“Suck my gay dick,” he’ll shout at the stuck-up judges who docked him points because of his homemade tulle dress. And then Allison Janney will swoop in and call him a graceless bull dyke and he’ll be like “lol, look who’s talking, Parrot Bitch,” and then everyone will win Oscars.)


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