Bored Games: Ryan Reynolds Producing, Starring In ‘Clue’ Reboot


Many have wondered what would come out of the recent monumental purchase of 21st Century Fox by Disney, and we now have some idea. In their first move, Fox is combining their powers with Disney to make a film based on the iconic board game Clue. Omg, revolutionary. So clever. Very original. Oh wait — That’s already been done before.

It’s unclear why Fox is downplaying the fact that they’re remaking the 1985 movie Clue with Tim Curry, since that’s basically what they’re doing. Are they trying to sound more cutting-edge, in order to justify the otherwise cynical, money-grabbing merger with Disney? Or is there another board game of Clue which only the good folks at 20th Century Fox know about? And WHY ARE THEY HIDING IT FROM US??

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Anyway, Fox is planning to make the Clue remake movie into a starring vehicle for Ryan Reynolds — and he’s definitely no Tim Curry, so maybe that’s the spin that makes this movie fresh enough to pretend it’s a wholly original concept. Instead of giving us a prim, menacing butler in the form of Tim Curry, we’ll get a butler in the style of Reynolds’ post-Deadpool persona: A hyperactive and irreverent motormouth who isn’t quite as funny as he thinks he is. Sounds like a blast. But at least Reynolds is cute, and at least he knows how to trick us into thinking that the unfunny things he says are actually funny. (It’s all in the delivery. And making it sound like everything you say is in parentheses. Like what we’re doing right now.)

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Reynolds’ Clue remake movie is the first project in a planned three-year partnership between Reynolds’ production company, Maximum Effort, and Fox, so we can probably expect to see more mind-blowing and groundbreaking projects from Fox and Reynolds that change the face of cinema. In the meantime, Deadpool 2 is coming out in May.

Here’s the trailer for the original adaptation. “It’s not just a game… anymore.”



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