Carrie Brownstein Leaving ‘Portlandia,’ Out To ‘Search And Destroy’


If you’re worried about missing Carrie Brownstein after Portlandia wraps this year, then calm your ass down. She is reportedly going to be in about 5,000 new projects (give or take.)

In addition to directing the upcoming feature film Fairy Godmother, as well as episodes of NBC’s upcoming A.P. Bio (*involuntary shudder at the thought of taking Biology again*), Brownstein is developing a new Hulu comedy series based on her life. The half-hour series, titled Search and Destroy, will explore Brownstein’s experiences as a young musician growing up in the Pacific Northwest during the rise of the feminist punk rock movement in the ‘90s. Before Brownstein took to comedy, she found international acclaim as part of the riot grrl/indie/punk/queer band Sleater-Kinney. The band is currently working on a follow-up to their 2015 album, “No Cities to Love.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the pilot episode of Search and Destroy is about a young woman and band learning to be “unafraid of their own noise,” which sounds very in tune with the happenings of today. Technically, the series will be pulling directly from Brownstein’s own memoir, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl. Brownstein has a rich musical history to pull from, with prior stints in Excuse 17 and, of course, Sleater-Kinney.

Brownstein will write and direct the pilot episode, but does not have plans to appear in the series itself if it gets picked up.

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If picked up to series, Search and Destroy will fill in the holes in Hulu’s comedy lineup left by Difficult People, The Mindy Project, and the departing Casual. Currently, the only regular comedy series on the network is Future Man, which, as you may recall, features Josh Hutcherson having gay sex. (We’re assuming that is the only reason it has been renewed for a second season.)

There will also be a new show, Dollhouse, featuring Kat Dennings — and all we can do is pray that it’s better than 2 Broke Girls.

The eighth and final season of Portlandia premieres January 18 on IFC.

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