Disgraced Trump Strategist ‘Sloppy Steve’ Bannon Is Now ‘Subpoened Steve’

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Steve Bannon, the former White House strategist who is now probably depending on his royalties from Seinfeld syndication, will have to give testimony before a grand jury in conjunction with the investigation into Donald Drumpf and cronies having shady connections with Russia. Special counsel Robert Mueller subpoenaed Bannon last week, right around the time he was pointed toward the exit by Breitbart News. An insecure Spray-Tan Trump took Bannon’s firing as a name-calling opportunity for this specific feud, referring to his ex-advisor as “Sloppy Steve Bannon.” Takes one to know one is a cliché that is always appropriate with these two gasbags.

Last week proved quite eventful for the country’s psyche too, after published excerpts from Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House painted a chaotic administration, with Bannon having provided much of the on-the-record dirt. That dirt included comments about the “treasonous” meeting Don Jr. held with Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and Russians at Trump Tower—Bannon has attempted to walk back on this assertion, perhaps to ingratiate himself with Trump since he lost his Breitbart job.

On Tuesday, Bannon was questioned for ten hours behind closed doors by the House Intelligence Committee panel on Trump’s hair-brained scheme when he fired FBI Director James Comey. The panel was seeking information from Bannon about Rump’s other “executive actions,” and is concurrently investigating Russian election meddling. Allegedly Bannon refused to answer questions on the basis of executive privilege, which committee Democrats categorize as a White House gag order as a form of makeup sex between Cheeto and Bannon. This prompted the committee, Democrats and Republicans alike, to slap another subpoena on Bannon during this appearance to force him to fess up. Now he’s full of subpoena. The executive privilege/gag order was denied by a senior WH official.

Regarding Mueller’s grand jury subpoena, The New York Times reports it “could be a negotiating tactic.” If Bannon agrees to be interviewed by investigators on his team, Mueller could let Bannon escape grand jury testimony. Legal experts say the subpoena indicates the investigation is building steam, contrary to the imaginary tales being spun by the White House and Trump’s personal lawyers. A subpoena means Bannon is on the hook to answer EVERY question thrown at him.

Bannon has retained Washington attorney William A. Burck to represent him throughout this mess. Coincidentally, Burck is representing some current and former WH officials who have already been interviewed by Mueller’s team—such as WH counsel Donald F. McGahn II and former chief of staff Reince Priebus—without subpoenas.


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