Cher Musical Is Broadway Bound Next Fall


Oh my goddess! Somewhere, Jack McFarland is thanking the heavens: A Cher musical is coming to Broadway.

The Queen/Princess/Drag Mother of Pop will be the focus of a new biographical musical called The Cher Show, and it’s hitting New York’s Neil Simon Theatre in Fall 2018. However, the show will first premiere in Chicago in Summer 2018 so that the creators can theoretically work out any kinks in it — but honestly, what could you possibly improve about Cher, age unknown?

“My life as a musical on Broadway,” Cher said in a statement. “It seems crazy, exciting and bizarre — but that’s probably how my life seems to most people.”

If you’re not already familiar with the life of Cherilyn Sarkisian La Piere Bono Allman — or with the fact that she has so many names — this show will clear all of that up for you. It will show you exactly how Cherilyn grew from a teenage singing phenomenon into an Oscar-winning icon and Supreme Goddess of McFarland-ology. And most importantly, it will be good: The Cher Show will have a book by Tony-winner Rick Elice, who previously found similar success with the hit bio-musical Jersey Boys.

Of equal importance is the fact that The Cher Show will feature all of Cher’s music (because why would you make this otherwise?) Tony winner Daryl Waters will arrange, so you can be sure that the inevitable show-ending “Believe” will have a full band/orchestra/heavenly choir of angels behind it.

No word yet on whether Bob Mackie is designing costumes for the show, but considering his recent Broadway work with When Pigs Fly, our hopes are high.

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