Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore Is THE Worst

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Alabama’s new Republican Senate candidate, Roy Moore, is a gun-toting, horse-riding, cowboy hat-wearing homophobic racist, and — surprise — our President is a fan of his. While Trump didn’t initially support the former judge in the recent Alabama Republican primary, he has now come out in favor of Moore over his previous fave, Luther Strange — an establishment Republican who unfortunately lost the primary. Perhaps this part doesn’t come as a shock, as President Trump generally hates losers and loves racists.


Thankfully, Seth Meyers caught wind of Moore’s recent win and hilariously excoriated the dim-witted candidate for Congress. On Late Night, Meyers pointed out Moore’s past instances of ignorant anti-Muslim prejudice and gleeful homophobia. He also revealed that Moore literally didn’t know what DACA was, even though he was running for a position which will potentially involve voting on it. (Moore was caught off guard in an interview with an Alabama radio host when the host asked him for his opinion on DACA and he admitted to not knowing it existed.)


Moore also previously stated that he believes parts of Illinois and Indiana are under Sharia Law, which means he actually thinks that the Islamic religion has control over parts of the United States. It’s a jingoistic, paranoid, uninformed lie — and unlike Trump, Moore isn’t blustery and stubborn enough to repeat this lie until people just give up or believe him. Case in point: When a Vox reporter recently asked him to clarify why he thought parts of the country were under Sharia law, he said, “Well, let me put it this way: If they are, they are, if they’re not they’re not.”


Meyers also pointed out that Moore still thinks Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States. Oh, and he doesn’t think same-sex marriage should be legal. As Meyers put it, “When you see a Judge Roy Moore riding a horse to the polls, it’s hard not think, ‘Is this CNN or Turner Classic Movies?’”


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