Flagrant Originals: ‘Desert Island Downloads’ With Dorian Wood

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The premise: You’re stranded on a deserted island. Maybe you were on a gay cruise and the U.S.S. Streisand hit an iceberg. Or your flight to Paekakariki Pride dove into the Tasman Sea. Whatevs. You’re all alone. Suddenly, your iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or flip phone borrowed from Aunt Sally lights up with a strong signal and full charge. Don’t ask. You have just enough time to download ten films, music videos, albums, ebooks, TV shows, apps or pornos. What would YOU choose?

We posed this query to Los Angeles-based artist/singer Dorian Wood. Dorian has brought his highly acclaimed, vocally charged performances to concert halls, museums, performance spaces AND gay bars throughout the U.S., Europe and Mexico. His unique vocal stylings channel the skill and ferocity of auteurs such as Nina Simone and Scott Walker. GQ describes his music as, “A cutting edge sound that respectfully acknowledges the folk music of his birth, Dorian is an artist who does not stop… his life is the rhythm of his creative impetus.” Last year, Dorian released “XALA,” his first full-length album recorded in Spanish. He described the record as an exploration, and simultaneous, devaluing of hyper masculinity.

Recapping, in no particular order, this is what Dorian would download on a deserted island:



The Devils




Anything by Esther Phillips

Stevie Wonder “You Haven’t Done Nothin’”



Deven Green ‘Welcome to My Home”

Adriano Celentano “Prisencolinensinainciusol”

Mikel Laboa “Baga Biga Higa”



Miss Cleo Prank Calls

Occult Voices



Lukas’ Story


Dorian’s most recent release, the EP ‘Segua” is available now on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp

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